Shimano experienced a tremendous growth in online reach in Europe by using Apostle

Centralpoint: "By using Apostle we are top of mind early in the customer journey of our potential clients"

UMC Utrecht: "We gained 2,6 times more applicants on vacancies by using Apostle"

Floaten Zwolle: 47 unique registrations resulted directly in a higher a turnover in COVID-19 times.

Vivent: 0.5 million reach and strengthened image through consistent online visibility

KTBA: “Likes are sky high, the views are sky-rocketing, we see that some messages have been viewed more than 8000 times!”

CMO: 31,000 unique store visits thanks to social media campaigns with authentic content

De Hypotheker is creating a stronger brand image with their franchisers and Apostle

Partner Red Panda Works about their collaboration with Apostle