Apostle enables Wienerberger employees to share content in an approachable way


“Personally I think that Apostle provides an easy way for your employees to share content that you have edited and pre-approved beforehand. Accessible. Easy. On different kinds of channels”.

- Erwin Sigterman, Digital Marketing Coordinator at Wienerberger.

About Wienerberger

Wienerberger is an international producer of sustainable ceramic building and paving materials. They are at the forefront of the development of ceramic bricks and tiles. The possibilities with ceramics are endless!


“Not every sales employee in our company was social media-minded,” says Erwin Sigterman, Digital Marketing Coordinator at Wienerberger. “The average age of our sales staff is on the higher side, often over 50 years old. Of course, they have a lot of experience in sales, but not everyone was active on LinkedIn. We had to support them in that.” Posting and sharing messages on LinkedIn was unfamiliar territory for some and often failed to materialize. Employees raised questions such as: What if I make a mistake in the message? What should I actually share? “Of course we understand these thoughts, but from a marketing perspective, we want to help these employees to share content in an accessible way. On different kinds of channels”. And the latter is exactly what convinces employees to share more messages and get more out of their network.


“Our goal was to make sharing posts and messages for our sales team easy, we have achieved this by using Apostle. We propose messages that they can easily accept or deny certain messages that we prepare for them. We notice that this pushes employees over the threshold to start sharing messages.” According to Erwin, there are also great responses to the content that is shared. “I really like that. The people who share messages see that the reactions that come in are positive. Which in turn provides extra motivation to share more content.”

According to Erwin, sharing varied content via employees works best. “We see that vacancies and project references always score very well. This is interesting for the sales team, our ambassadors, giving them an opportunity to share which projects have been completed by us. We now also want to share posts about more general themes, such as sustainability, so that we can engage even more ambassadors!”


“Apostle clearly has added value for us. First off, it provides more visibility for the organization, but also for employees and in particular the sales team”, says Erwin. The response to the personnel content has been great. They also receive more views on a personal post than on a more general post. “Most ambassadors average at 1000 views per post, which is a great reach! After we started using Apostle we have become increasingly more confident in the use of social media together with our employees. I am very satisfied with these first six months!”


  • 1000/2000 views per employee per post

  • Internal employee loyalty increased

  • Social media knowledge level increased

  • High engagement from employees

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