Social selling

Boost your sales numbers through social media with employee advocacy

Activate your sales reps as brand ambassadors on social media. They become thought leaders on social media and ready to create, strengthen, and nurture their relationships with prospects.

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Benefits of social selling through your employees

Hit sales targets

Sales reps who excel at social selling create more opportunities and are 51% more likely to hit their sales targets.

Increased engagement

Engaging with prospects on social media will increase the level of trust and bonding. A crucial part of the sales funnel.

Convert leads

Leads through brand ambassadors are 7 times more likely to convert

This is why sales teams start their employee advocacy program

Become highly effective in turning cold leads into warm prospects

Engaging with prospects through social media results in better sales numbers. When sales reps and managers share relevant content on their LinkedIn profiles, this helps to warm up prospects and stay connected to existing customers. But your sales reps need some help with that, as marketers know all the ins and outs of social media. So, encourage sales and marketing to work together.

Be consistently present on social media

Your sales team has no time to think of stories and create social media content on a regular basis. With Apostle, your marketing department creates unique content for your sales team. Then, they only need to share the content on their social media channels with one push of a button in the easy-to-use app.

Rely less on cold acquisition

Engage your (potential) customers on social media so that they will find you instead of you needing to cold call them. 64% of organizations with employee advocacy programs believe they’ve helped attract and develop new businesses. Customers acquired through employee endorsements also deliver higher margin contributions and have higher retention rates.

Marketers worldwide rely on Apostle to rock social

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The involvement in the organization has grown enormously. The likes go sky high, the views skyrocket. Sometimes posts from employees on their personal channels are viewed up to 8,000 times. You really don't get that with a company page!”

Bas van Seeters

European Marketing Manager at Mérieux NutriSciences
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“Our goal was to make sharing posts and messages for our sales team easy. With Apostle, we’ve noticed that this pushes employees over the threshold to start sharing messages. Most ambassadors average at 1,000 views per post, which is a great reach!”

Erwin Sigterman

Digital Marketing Coordinator at Wienerberger
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What's in it for your sales reps?

Employee advocacy helps increase sales

Easily reach new and existing customers. Not all sales reps know the advantages of using social media in their sales strategy. Help them become SRO specialists! With our employee advocacy program and e-learning, your sales reps will soon become social media-savvy brand ambassadors.

Save time

Cold calling is very time-consuming, whereas it may take you only a few minutes to write a personal message or share your thoughts on LinkedIn. Also, your sales team can save time by using ready-made social media posts from the marketing department.

Personal branding

Your sales reps profile themselves as an expert in their field by posting regularly on social media. As a result, they become more visible online and expand their network.

This is how Apostle works

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Why Apostle?

Keep up with trends and show your expertise

Our employee advocacy tool includes an inspiration wall with RSS feed and hashtag updates. This way, you’ll always be up to date with the latest news and trends in sales. Use this content to schedule thought leader posts for your sales team, so they are always sharing relevant content with their networks.

Empower your content with AI

Use AI to create different variations of one post
Automatic translations: tailor your posts to
country and culture

Ready to create, strengthen, and nurture your relationships with prospects?

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