Social recruitment

Grow your talent pool and stand out as an employer

Turn your employees into brand ambassadors and attract the best talent of your industry

Benefits of social recruitment through your employees

Increase your talent pool

Organizations can grow their talent pool up to 10 times bigger through employees’ networks.

Strengthen your employer brand

Get access to a constant stream of authentic content for your employer branding posts.

Attract new, relevant talent

Engage your colleagues as brand ambassadors to attract new, relevant talent.

Why organizations start their employee advocacy program for social recruitment

Attract the best candidates with a strong employer brand

In this tight labor market, it becomes challenging to find candidates. Instead of letting them slip to a competitor, become highly attractive as an employer to work for. Let your own people share their stories and create a strong employer brand.

Save costs and reduce your time to hire

Don't rely on expansive ads and recruitment agencies any more. By leveraging your colleagues' social media channels, you’ll reach relevant potential candidates from their personal networks. This decreases your dependency on expensive social media ads.

Find more suitable candidates

76% of job seekers find a job through their connections. Your employees will reach more relevant candidates when involving their own social networks. That one former colleague, ex-student, or acquaintance could just be your next potential employee.

Marketers worldwide rely on Apostle to rock social

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“Apostle for me is creating your own custom recruitment method by making the everyday special. After all, employees can tell you like no other what fantastic, special and sometimes emotional moments they experience during their work”

Tonny Keijers

Former Senior Recruiter at UMC Utrecht
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“Varietas started using Apostle to focus more on employer branding due to a staff shortage. With 35 teachers they've shared 400+ posts, reached more than 300,000 people, and received applications from 70+ job candidates.

Ronald Poelakker

Marketer at Koersgenoten (Partner Apostle)
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What's in it for your colleagues?

Influence on the hiring process

When your colleagues share vacancies within their own networks, you have a good chance of recruiting a new colleague through them (7 times more likely!). In addition to influencing the candidate pool, you'll ensure that the current culture of the company is maintained.

Take pride in your accomplishments

Your social media presence is a great way to show off your great work.  Real-life stories will be well received in your network. This pride reflects favorably on your organization's culture for prospective employees.

Establish your personal brand

By posting frequently on social media, brand ambassadors can establish themselves as authorities in their niche. Their career and personal brand will benefit from this.

Increased commitment

Employees can show what they are working on by posting frequently. This strengthens the ties between various departments and the commitment to have an impact on the organization.

This is how Apostle works

Discover Apostle in 2 minutes

Why Apostle?

It’s all about reaching the right people in your recruitment process

Did you know that only 11% of job seekers are actively looking for a new job? On the other hand, 47% of job seekers are not actively looking for a job (also referred to as latent job seekers). Because the group of active job seekers is so small, it has become much more important to focus on reaching these latent job seekers.

But HOW?

That’s where employer branding comes in. By sharing real and authentic stories about the people behind the scenes, you can show your connections what it’s like to work at your organization. This works best when you ask your employees to tell these stories.

Ready to attract new talent for your organization? Activate your employees as brand ambassadors.

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