Organic reach through Employee Advocacy

Empower your employees to share company news on their personal social media accounts with our employee advocacy platform. Become a true thought leader and strengthen your brand image thanks to advocacy marketing.

Trusted by enterprise organizations worldwide as Canon, DPD, Shimano & ING

What is Employee Advocacy?
With our employee advocacy platform, employees are used to authentically promote a brand on social media with a useful tool. Thanks to our employee advocacy software, you can expand your network and reach, by turning your employees into brand ambassadors and social influencers. By posting corporate messages on their personal profiles, the content automatically becomes authentic.
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About the Apostle platform
With the Apostle marketing platform, we facilitate the content strategy of organizations, what makes it easy to become successful with employee advocacy software in a fast and affordable way. The user friendliness and the technical support department are praised by our customers. Our brand activation managers help you with an activation program and advocacy marketing that has been proven in various markets and countries.
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"With this platform we prepare ready-to-use social media messages for our retailers that they can easily post with their smartphones, while working in their shop. This greatly increases our regional brand awareness and helps our dealers become active online. Today, social media has become part of our online strategy to take Shimano Service Centers to the highest levels."

- Erik-Jan Brunninkreef, Manager retail services & concepts at Shimano

“Easy to use platform with a very promising future”

- Walter Young, Marketing Program Manager at Canon

"Social media are an important part of our marketing mix. With Apostle's tools, we offer our customers valuable content at the right time in their customer journey. In addition, Apostle's tools support our employees in providing relevant content for their network."

- Luuk Slaats, CEO Centralpoint


Boost your reach
Posts shared by employees generate 561% more reach than corporate posts.
Convert leads
Leads through brand ambassadors are 7x more likely to convert.
More applicants
76% of jobseekers find their new job through referrals.

Main features Employee Advocacy
+ 5 special features

Onboarding employees

Our advocacy marketing is not just another tool, but a platform that successfully activates your employee with a complete onboarding strategy guided by our professionals.

Content sharing

Your employees receive and share ready-made content suggestions about your brand. Inaddition, empower your employees to upload suggestions to your marketing team.

Approval flows

Employees remain in full control and decide which suggestions to post on their social media accounts. They can easily edit and finalize the suggested posts before sharing.


Drive advocacy marketing by using our full-suite gamification platformand engagement features. Moreover, educate employees with training from our experts and e-learning.


Gain access to in-depth user engagement, content performance and social media reach statistics. Create useful reports and track your performance on all channels.

More than an employee advocacy tool

Corporate channels are losing effectiveness, but your employees’ social media channels are gaining power. Generate more online reach by gathering authentic stories straight from the work floor. Engage your staff to increase engagement on social media.

Unique social strategy

With Apostle you stay relevant for your employees. We provide you with social media posts that match personal interests based on a content strategy. Thanks to our advocacy marketing platform you can easily place the posts on all your online accounts.

Increase your authenticity and organic reach

Increase your thought leadership and brand image by using your colleagues’ social media profiles as new communication channel in your marketing strategy. By using our employee advocacy software, you ensure authentic content and better appeal to your target group.

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