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"The Apostle platform allows us to schedule posts at head office and all our franchise entrepreneurs have to do is approve and share them. And do they want to make an adjustment or reject the post? They can. In this way, they have the final say.

About the business

Since 1985, De Hypotheker has been the largest organization in the Netherlands in selecting, advising and realizing mortgages. The organization plays a leading role in the Dutch market and ensures the realization of several billion euros in mortgages every year. The Hypothekers Association is a franchise organization with 170 local franchisers connected to its brand. These franchisers provide independent advice about your mortgage: the available mortgage types and the associated insurance policies.


Sharing expertise via social media has become increasingly more popular to create a strong brand image. This also is the case for De Hypotheker: with a targeted social media approach, their intention is to ensure that it is widely known that their local mortgage advisors are the true experts in this field. Content Manager Lotte Gerritsen: “We are experts, but we don't want a man-with-tie-image. That is why we consciously use social media with our local branches: together we are building an even stronger brand.” However, social media is often not a priority for the branches, especially now that the housing market is booming.


“We want to help our franchise branches in the areas of local marketing and branding on social media,” Lotte expresses. “By doing this we try to take the pressure away from them, seeing that they are already incredibly busy.” A platform is essential in this case. “With the Apostle platform we make things much easier for entrepreneurs. We can schedule the posts at the head office and these posts only need a final approval from the individual branches. And even if they would like to make an adjustment or reject the message, this is all possible. That way they are in charge of the final editing. In addition, content is now offered on a structural basis: twice a week instead of every now and then.”


  • Control of regional pages

  • Saved time per location

  • Large regional reach

  • Cost savings for head office

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