KTBA (Mérieux NutriSciences)

With Apostle, KTBA's online visibility has received an enormous boost


"The involvement in the organization has grown enormously. The likes go sky high, the views skyrocket. Sometimes posts from employees on their personal channels are viewed up to 8,000 times. You really don't get that with a company page!"

- Bas van Seeters, Digital Marketing Coordinator KTBA

About KTBA

KTBA stands for quality, training, guidance for reliable business, and a service provider in the food industry that helps organizations to ensure continuity. KTBA is an innovative organization with 220 expert employees. 4 years ago KTBA started using Apostle, led by marketeer Bas van Seeters.


There has always been an abundance of content to share, but finding an effective way to get the content to the right people was more than welcome. KTBA's experts are mostly consultants, they know everything there is to know about their field, but, they are not online marketers. That is why Apostle was gradually implemented into the company and employees were activated to start sharing social media posts to generate more reach through their personal social media channels. Later the platform was also used to retrieve content from the organization. Instead of always 'getting' content from the marketing department, the experts are also able to contribute to the online marketing by providing personal and work-related stories, sharing them, and working on their personal branding on LinkedIn. In addition, it is also a great way for KTBA to strengthen its inbound marketing strategy through personal stories, long workflows, sharing knowledge, and the customer journey is closely followed by beautiful content.

"For KTBA, Apostle is a method and platform to motivate, facilitate and activate employees to share their knowledge on their personal social media channels”, according to Van Seeters. 


KTBA started the process by first establishing a baseline: a content strategy. By determining the strategy and explaining why they have entered into this process, it became possible to motivate employees to get more involved in the process. By combining the right strategy with the right activation tools, the organization has become a lot more visible online. Bas: “We have achieved this through an authentic, trusting, and reliable way. And what better way to do that than by sharing authentic content on the expert’s platform?”. To this day, KTBA's consultants are perceived as experts in their field both on- and offline. “Especially if you work with people, you also have to show your organization in a different way”, says van Seeters.


Since employees joined the platform, they have shared 3,783 posts, resulting in 2,909,250 organic reach. On top of that, the involvement of employees in the organization has also increased significantly. While submitting content at the start of the process was focused on quantity, quality is now key. Employees nowadays recognize different moments to share and that produces beautiful personal stories. As a marketer, Van Seeters also sees the results of Apostle: “The likes are sky-high, the views are skyrocketing, we see that some posts have been viewed more than 8,000 times. You cannot achieve these results with just corporate pages anymore!”


  • Increased organic reach on LinkedIn

  • Continuous flow of authentic content

  • More upsell

  • Thought leadership

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