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With Apostle, KTBA's online visibility has received an enormous boost.



"The involvement in the organization has grown enormously. The likes go sky high, the views skyrocket. Sometimes posts from employees on their personal channels are viewed up to 8,000 times. You really don't get that with a company page!"

- Bas van Seeters, Digital Marketing Coordinator KTBA

About KTBA

KTBA, a Mérieux NutriSciences Company is an ambitious company. Their goal is to be ‘best in class’. A lofty ambition, but with a focus on raising our customers to a higher level. KTBA has been a market leader for many years and develops innovative services and products that are relevant for you. They inspire as a strategic sparring partner in high-grade Quality Assurance, Riskplaza & Business Assurance services in the food and consumer goods industry.


"For KTBA, Apostle is a way to motivate employees to share their knowledge and facilitate the different possibilities to share this," says Bas van Seeters. The specialists at KTBA are mainly consultants, know everything about their area of expertise, but are of course not marketers. That is why Apostle was implemented in steps in the company: it started with sharing corporate messages and later employees started submitting their own content.


KTBA started the process by coming up with a good story, creating a baseline, also known as the content strategy. By determining the strategy and having the management explain why they entered into this process, it became possible to make the organization more visible to the end user. "We did this through sharing authentic content and appearance, but also by doing so in a trusted and reliable way."

And what better way to do this by sharing this content on the platforms of a specialist?


  • Increased organic reach on LinkedIn

  • Continuous flow of authentic content

  • More upsell

  • Thought leadership

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