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Empower employees as true brand ambassadors on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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€5 Per user, per month
*Minimum of 20 users, charged per 10 users
All features, e.g.:
Unlimited content creation
Content calendar
Schedule for company channels
Schedule for personal profiles
Edit suggestions
Dashboard with scorecard and results

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Leverage the true power of Apostle

Custom Talk to sales

Everything in Pro plus:
Customer success manager
Onboarding employees
Content creation
Social ads for an even bigger reach
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Apostle is more than just a tool. Our experienced team is happy to help you achieve your goals.


Let our experts train your team and activate them with kick-offs, e-learning and challenges. We’ll make sure everyone remains involved and engaged, while your organization gets the most of their social media activities.

€475 5 hours per month
€950 10 hours per month

Social shift plan

Together we’ll draw up a fitting content strategy for social media and your ambassadors.. What role does social media play, what are the goals and how do we involve your employees? We’ll answer it all in this plan.

€2500 One-off

Content creation

Our content experts help you create the best authentic content that your employees truly enjoy posting.

€475 5 hours per month
€950 10 hours per month

Paid campaigns

Need more leads? Our ads consultants generate 2.6x more leads than the benchmarks thanks to the authentic content from our platform.

Custom Talk to sales

30 day free trial

Try our platform for free for 30 days. We offer you a free onboarding session to help you get started with your ambassador program.

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Employee involvement has greatly increased within our organization. The likes have increased and the views have skyrocketed. Posts on the personal social media accounts of our employees are sometimes even viewed more than 8000 times. It’s hard to accomplish that with just a corporate page nowadays.
Bas Seeters, Digital Marketing Coordinator KTBA

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your approach on privacy?

Apostle will only request and use client information if absolutely necessary. Apostle will always inform the client about using specific information and will always ask for permission first. In our privacy statement you can read more about the explicit policy that Apostle handles.

What kind of payment options do you support?

For now we offer the possibility to complete payments via automatic payments and iDeal. In the future we aim to make payments available via credit card as well.

How do I ‘activate’ my colleagues to use the tool?

You don’t have to worry about this one bit! Our social media experts will guide you through this process. We will make use of onboarding, where you will be guided by our professionals when starting up your project. There is also e-learning available in the app where you will be trained to become an expert on social media. In most cases you will start with a pilot group of a few enthusiastic employees with a feel for social media. Together with our experts you will build and execute the project. Meaning you will start small and keep growing until the rest of your organization is involved.

How long will it take for my ambassador program to be active with your social shift pack?

The pilot phase of the social shift takes approximately 6 months. This time is needed to fully incorporate the social shift methodology into your organization, but also for you to work with the tool independently.

How do I measure my impact?

The business impact can be analyzed within the admin section. The platform offers extensive statistics on both a team and content level. Here you can find out which ambassadors send in the most content, how often posts were shared and what the online reach was. We also make use of build-in link tracking and UTM generators to gain more insight in the effectiveness of the produced content. By involving your marketing, sales and HR team you will be able to measure where new sales opportunities can be found and how many applicants Apostle has generated for your company.