Employer branding

Boost your employer brand by turning your employees into brand ambassadors on social media

Let your colleagues show why it’s worthwhile to work at your company with authentic stories on social media

Benefits of employer branding through your employees

43% lower costs

...on recruitment and onboarding per hire

69% faster

...in receiving relevant applications

84% of jobseekers

...consider switching jobs if the firm's image is better

50% more applicants

...for firms with good social media employer branding

76% of jobseekers

...find their new job through referrals

Why HR-teams love Apostle

Strengthen your employer brand

Retention of employees has become even more critical in the current tight labor market as hiring a new candidate will cost you, on average, 33% of their annual salary. By activating your colleagues as brand ambassadors, you show people what it is like to work for your organization. Furthermore, retention is 18% higher in organizations with engaged employees.

Stand out in the fierce competition

Establishing a strong employer brand is difficult due to intense competition on social media. However, when activating your employees as brand ambassadors on social media, you get access to a constant stream of authentic content with which you'll stand out. As a result, organizations can grow their talent pool up to 10 times bigger through employees' networks.

Don't focus solely on active job seekers

They cover only 11% of the labor market. Traditional recruitment only targets a smaller group of active job seekers. By leveraging your colleagues' social media channels, you reach relevant potential candidates from their networks. This decreases your dependency on expensive social media ads and ensures you reach latent job seekers (47%) as well.

Marketers worldwide rely on Apostle to rock social

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“Varietas started using Apostle to focus more on employer branding due to a staff shortage. With 35 teachers they've shared 400+ posts, reached more than 300,000 people, and received applications from 70+ job candidates.

Ronald Poelakker

Marketer at Koersgenoten (Partner Apostle)
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“Apostle’s software is very user friendly. Colleagues can upload subjects, pictures and messages. The content manager creates and schedules an attractive post based on the input.”

Na Rae de Jong

Senior Recruiter/Business Developer at Checkmark
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“Apostle for me is creating your own custom recruitment method by making the everyday special. After all, employees can tell you like no other what fantastic, special and sometimes emotional moments they experience during their work”

Tonny Keijers

Former Senior Recruiter at UMC Utrecht
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What's in it for your colleagues?

Direct influence on who gets hired

If your colleagues share vacancies in their own (super relevant) network, there is a good chance that a new colleague will be recruited through them (7 times more likely!). You'll directly influence the candidate pool and maintain the current working culture.

Show that you're proud

Social media is the perfect tool to show what great things you’re doing at work. If you tell real stories, it will be welcomed in your network. For potential candidates, this pride also reflects positively on your organization’s atmosphere.

Work on your personal branding

Brand ambassadors can profile themselves as an expert in their field by posting regularly on social media. This has positive effects on their personal brand and career.

Increase commitment

By posting regularly, employees can showcase what they are working on. This improves the connection between different departments and the commitment to make an impact in the organization.

This is how Apostle works

Discover Apostle in 2 minutes

Multiple ways to provide content

Organizations can provide employees with content in two different ways: top-down and bottom-up. Apostle facilitates both!

Top-down method

The most used and easiest one is the top-down method. With top-down communication, employees receive ready-made content suggestions created by the marketing department.

Bottom-up method

The most recommended way is to also include employees in the content creation process and let their input guide the topics and information to be shared (bottom-up method). Employees upload work-related content to their marketing/hr department.

They professionalize the posts and schedule them for their team through the top-down method. Something we like to call; best of both worlds :)!

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