Reach more job applicants by involving colleagues in your employer branding

Having trouble finding job applicants that fit in perfectly with your organization? You’re not the only one. In the current tight job market, finding and attracting talent is a real challenge. Employer branding can help you out. With the help of employer branding, you can show why your organization is unique and distinguish yourself from your competition. And to really reach your target audience, you need your employees to tell the story.

Reaching the right people

Did you know that only 11% of job seekers are actively looking for a new job? On the other hand, 47% of job seekers are open to a new job, but are not actively looking. These are referred to as latent job seekers. Because the group of active job seekers is so small, it has become much more important to focus on reaching these latent job seekers. 

That’s where employer branding comes in. By showing who you are and sharing stories of what it’s like to work at your organization, you can reach this larger group of job seekers. This works best when you involve your employees. That’s because real, authentic stories about your organization inspire more people than corporate content.

Improve your employer brand to reach the right people

Getting started with employee advocacy

You may have read our blog post explaining what employee advocacy is and why it’s so important for your company. In short, employee advocacy is about promoting your company through your own employees. With employee advocacy, your employees share relevant, authentic content about your organization on their own social media channels.

This is really helpful when you’re working on your employer brand. After all, who can better tell the story of what it’s like to work at your organization than your employees? Employee advocacy also improves your reach on social media and inspires more trust in people than corporate content. Curious what that looks like? Read about Varietas’ success with employee advocacy and employer branding.

Your employer branding strategy

So how do you get started? First, it’s good to know that employer branding is a process that requires continuous work. Posting one photo on social media about your organization is not enough to ensure that the right people are reached. The more actively and consistently you manage your brand, the more successful your employer branding will be. 

That’s why you need a strategy. For example, you need to know how to grow your ambassador program and decide what kind of content you want to share on social media. Another key feature of achieving your target audience is using a bottom-up approach to your communications. After all, if you want authentic stories, you need your ambassadors’ to tell them. So ask them for input and let them choose their own tone-of-voice, while still aligning their content to your organization.

Need some more inspiration for your employer branding? We’re happy to help! Our platform provides you with the right tools, as well as a unique e-learning to start or accelerate your ambassador program.

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260+ job applicants by using Apostle

Varietas Foundation is an organization with 30 elementary schools in Twente and Salland, the Netherlands. Like many other educational organizations, Varietas was struggling with a staff shortage. That’s why they started using the Apostle platform to focus more on employer branding.

Since March 2022, our partner Koersgenoten helped Varietas to onboard 35 teachers as their online brand ambassadors, who post regularly about their employer with the Apostle platform. Their results?

  • They have shared over 400 posts
  • Reached more than 300,000 people
  • Applications from 260+ job candidates

Thanks to the proper use of employer branding, Varietas has managed to expand their team with suitable colleagues.


  • 43% lower costs for each hired applicant

  • 69% faster in receiving relevant applications

  • 84% of job seekers consider working somewhere else when the other company has a better image

  • 50% more suitable applicants with good employer branding

Are you ready to take the next digital step?

Need help with brand positioning and employee advocacy? The world is full of strangers who could benefit from your product, but simply don't know it (well enough) yet. Koersgenoten is an Apostle partner with years of experience in helping entrepreneurs to grow in a sustainable way.  Do you want more information? Send them an email!

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Employer branding on a strategic level

Would you like some help with the employer branding of your company? Our partner Marieke Dam of YODA Recruitment can help you to deploy employer branding on a strategic level and support you in implementing your own ambassadors program.

Together, you analyze your organization, target groups, and opportunities in the labor market. The result? A strategic and practical plan to help our organization achieve its objectives, now as well as in the future. 

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