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Shimano's succes with dealer advocacy

This is why brands start their dealer advocacy program

ROPO effect (Research Online, Purchase Offline)

46% of all searches are local, enough reason to optimize your online local reach.

Customer journey

78% of a brand’s followers visits the store at least once, so keep your social media channels up to date.

Increase bonding and loyalty

Strengthen and increase the connection with your dealers and retailers by providing them with information and ready-to-share social media posts about your brand.

Why brands love Apostle

Reach a new audience

As a brand, you only reach the followers of your own corporate social media channels. Reach a completely new local audience by providing your dealers withready made content to share on their regional pages.

Consistent brand expressions through all retail channels

Every dealer promotes the brand in a different way, so your communication lacks consistency. With Apostle you manage all brand expressions of your dealers and stay in control of your brand.

Unburden with ready-to-share social media content

Dealers and retailers lack the knowledge and time to schedule social media posts on their regional pages. With Apostle you unburden them with ready-to-share social media posts, which they share in one click.

This is why brands start their dealer advocacy program

Your dealers will take on the role of brand ambassador and share organizational or brand-related content.

Help your dealers with ready-to-share posts
Increase your online reach on a regional level
Easily maintain your corporate branding on a regional level

Low reach

As a brand, you only reach the followers of your own corporate social media channels.

Reach a new audience

By providing your dealers with ready-made content to share on their regional pages.

Dealers don’t share content

Content that is readily available on internal platforms is not being shared on local corporate pages.

Save time

Schedule posts in advance for all your dealers’ corporate pages using Apostle’s simple dashboard.

No consistency in communication

Every dealer promotes the brand in a different way.

Manage your social media

Tailored to country and culture and make use of regional content.

Marketers worldwide rely on Apostle to rock social

“Thanks to Apostle, we now reach millions of consumers in Europe each year through regional social media accounts”

Mickael Timmermans

Service Center Coordinator Europe at Shimano
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“We have proof that it works, as customers referred to our social media activities in the Audi showroom.”

Oscar van Geffen

Former Project & CRM Marketer at van den Udenhout
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What's in it for your

More traffic to their stores

Dealers increase their online reach and attract a greater number of customers to their stores, by actively posting (authentic content) on their social media channels.

Up-to-date social media accounts without effort

Sharing posts with the Apostle app roughly takes about 10 minutes a month. A very limited investment of time with great results! Help your dealers by creating ready-made social media posts for them. Moreover, your dealers’ social media knowledge is often limited. Apostle helps and activates them in an accessible way.

They create a stronger relationship with your brand

By being active on social media together, your dealers will stay informed of what is happening in your organization. This increases the bond between each other, as well as with the brand.

This is how Apostle works

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Apostle's unique features

Social media planning in one dashboard

Corporate pages of your brand
Local corporate pages of your dealers
Personal pages of your employees

Empower your content with AI

Use AI to create different variations of one post
Automatic translations: tailor your posts to
country and culture

Multilevel approval

Does your content need to be approved by different key positions in all layers of your organization? With the multilevel approval function you could select different colleagues to check the content of your posts. Only after approval, the posts are sent to your team.

Auto approve function

Your dealers and retailers don’t need to spend any time on social media posts anymore. With the auto approve functionality suggested posts from your brand will be posted automatically on their regional pages. A user-friendly and time-saving working method.

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