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Boost your online reach on social media with Apostle. Activate all corporate ánd personal social media accounts of your employees, franchises or dealers.

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For whom?

Apostle is used by marketers, HR professionals, franchisers and retailers to instantly generate more sales, applicants and visibility for their brand.


Expand your reach through the personal social media profiles of your employees and relations with Apostle’s employee advocacy platform.

Boost your visibility on social media
Generate new leads and sales
Strengthen your brand image and employer brand


Recruit the right candidates through social media networks of your own employees with our employee referral software.

Recruit the best talent
Create and use proud employees to contribute to your mission
Strengthen your employer brand


Increase local visibility and revenue for all your franchises.

Gain control of branding at a regional level
Streamline your communications through all your franchises
Local visibility for a strong franchise brand

Dealers & Retailers

Get a grip on the sales process of your brand in the dealer channel.

More visitors per location
Regional targeting to drive sales by location
Local visibility and quality content on social media

Discover how Apostle helps organizations grow on social media

330+ ambassadors
active for Shimano in Europe

330+ active ambassadors share posts for Shimano in Europe on a regular basis.

2.300 messages
Sent via the Apostle tool.

Centralpoint's ambassadors shared a total of 2300 messages via the Apostle tool.

2,6 times more applicants
thanks to social media

UMC Utrecht generates a continuous flow of applicants through maximum presence on social media.

Apostle’s unique approach

Apostle differs from the standard social media planning tools.

Personal profiles

Corporate channels are losing effectiveness, but your employees’ social media channels are gaining power. Generate more online reach by gathering authentic stories straight from the workfloor and by spreading them via the online channels of your employees.


Give your employees the freedom to decide what they post and to which platforms. They can easily edit and finalize your posts before sharing them on social media.


Not just another tool, but a platform that successfully activates your ambassadors with automation mailings, services and e-learning courses. Truly bring your social media strategy to life!

What our clients say

Employee involvement has greatly increased within our organization. The likes have increased and the views have skyrocketed. Posts on the personal social media accounts of our employees are sometimes even viewed more than 8000 times. It’s hard to accomplish that with just a corporate page nowadays.
- Bas van Seeters, Digital Marketing Coördinator KTBA

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Apostle customers are recruiting new leads and applicants through social media, expanding their reach online, and crushing their competition. Stop wasting time, use Apostle as your competitive advantage to grow your business.

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