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Why marketers love Apostle

No more irrelevant corporate content

Companies often ask employees to share the same corporate content on their LinkedIn profiles, which they don’t share. Motivate employees with personalized posts by gathering authentic content and unique texts with AI.

Immediate boost in organic reach of 561%

Personal posts have 6 times more reach than posts from corporate pages, due to social media algorithms. Welcome to your new generation channel!

Easy to become a brand ambassador

While in reality most employees don't have the time or knowledge to post great content on social media, our easy-to-use tools and effective activation program will easily turn your team into brand ambassadors.

Top teams from all over the world rely on Apostle to smash their goals

The best way to get your content to your audience is through your brand’s most valuable online asset: your employees. Apostle is an all-in-one and easy-to-use brand advocacy platform that simplifies social sharing for all your ambassadors and results in up to 7 times more engagement from your audience!

Limiting social media algorithms

Corporate posts only reach about 2-7% of your followers on social media.

Boost your online reach

Personal posts reach 25-30% of the ambassador’s followers. With an advocacy program you’ll boost your online reach with an astounding 561%.

Slick marketing content doesn’t work

92% of people trust social media posts in their personal networks more compared to corporate posts, and interact with them more often.

More engagement, leads, and applications

Convert people to customers of employees 7 times more likely.

Managing all of your corporate pages and scheduling posts for colleagues, dealers, and franchisees by mail is too time-consuming.

Managing content is too much hassle

Cost and time effective

Manage all of your social media pages in one dashboard.

Marketers worldwide rely on Apostle to rock social

“Thanks to Apostle, we now reach millions of consumers in Europe each year through regional social media accounts”

Mickael Timmermans

Service Center Coordinator Europe at Shimano
“With Apostle's tools, we offer our customers valuable content at the right time in their customer journey”

Luuk Slaats

Former CEO at Centralpoint (now Dustin)
“Apostle provides an easy way for your employees to share content that you have pre-approved beforehand”

Erwin Sigterman

Digital Marketing Coordinator at Wienerberger

Easy for you. Easy for your brand ambassadors!

Our top features in a nutshell.

Translate your content strategy into a smart distribution plan

Distribute your content through multiple outlets in the organization. Customize content depending on the department and location.

Implement your content strategy in Apostle
Achieve your content KPIs and include monthly goals
Multilevel approval: make sure content is approved by the right people

Prevent duplicate content with AI powered variations

Use the AI feature and automatic translations to create multiple textual variations of the same post, tailored to local offices, countries, and cultures. Both efficient and time-saving!

AI powered content
Use date and time ranges to distribute content evenly across brand ambassadors
Boost your team’s engagement with 55%, using your own white label app

SRO Activation Program

Make sure your advocacy program is a success with our implementation and activation program based on scientific research.

E-learning for employees
Activation and gamification program
Scalable growth plan

Our methodology:
Social Reach Optimization (SRO)

The success formula for activating brand ambassadors

A straightforward online platform and extensive SRO adoption program.

Adopting a brand ambassador program is at least as necessary as the tool. To truly harness the power of social media, you need to have a strategic plan and start using ambassadors and their personal accounts to achieve your goals. We developed this strategy for you: SRO. SRO creates a clear organizational structure and involves everyone in your organization to achieve marketing, sales, recruitment, and HR goals together.

A solution for every type of organization

SRO is used in all sorts of organizations with different needs and challenges. For each organization, we provide a suitable approach. Combine them and you will rock your socials even more!

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