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The Success Formula for Organic Growth on Social Media

Share content to ambassadors with SRO software and framework
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Social Reach Optimization (SRO)

Add SRO to your SEO, SEA, and social media advertising activities to increase your organic presence worldwide. With SRO, you build an organic social media strategy with brand ambassadors using employee advocacy software.

Enable colleagues to post work-related content
Let them become your organization’s voice
Achieve marketing, sales, recruitment, and HR goals together.
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What makes us unique

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Behavioral Science

We don’t make arbitrary statements; they are backed by science. In collaboration with The Cialdini Institute, we have developed the framework.

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Framework & Software

It’s not just the software or just the framework: it’s the combination that helps our clients become succesful.

Customer Success

Our clients are our EVERYTHING. That’s why we focus on supporting them along every step of the way!

Achieve your business goals

A Guiding Framework

Without a clear strategy and structure, it’s extremely hard to stand out and have a significant impact on social media. That’s where the SRO marketing framework comes in.

7 Milestones divided in small steps
E-learning video’s templates, examples & assignments
Coaching sessions
The milestones that are shown as a to do list in the Apostle software
Post professional content

Employee advocacy software

Discover our intuitive software for scheduling ready-made social media posts for your co-workers.

Create and plan varied posts with AI
Easy to use mobile app
Measure performance with in depth statistics
Ongoing support

Your Partner in Success

The customer success team and our certified partners are always there for you. We provide continuous and professional support for impactful growth on social media.

Guidance through the steps of the framework
The onboarding of your co-workers
24/5 technical support
Stefan, our customer success manager
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Scientific research

Tiny habits, big results

Our framework as well as our software follow the BJ Fogg model. You and your motivated employees are given small, simple tasks. As a result, you’re following this framework smoothly, and your employees will post work-related content contributing to your social media strategy.

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Don’t just take our word for it.

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“Thanks to Apostle, we now reach millions of consumers in Europe each year through regional social media accounts”

Mickael Timmermans

Service Center Coordinator Europe at Shimano
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“Our work with Apostle is making an impact – we had the second-most active employees on LinkedIn”

Pili Ollés Roig

Communications Coordinator at Bridgestone Mobility Solutions.
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“Apostle provides an easy way for your employees to share content that you have pre-approved beforehand”

Erwin Sigterman

Digital Marketing Coordinator at Wienerberger
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