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Our solutions

Employee advocacy
For organizations with more than 100 employees
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Dealer advocacy
For organizations with multiple distribution channels
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Franchise advocacy
For organizations with multiple franchisees
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Social Reach Optimization

Social media channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn are making it increasingly difficult for business pages to establish high reach. Nowadays, if you want to increase your online reach, the organic route (also known as SRO) is the most effective way.
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Apostle methodology

Want to quit scheduling ad hoc social media posts that barely contribute to your business goals? A lot of organizations struggle with this. The Apostle method provides all the tools you need to achieve these business goals on a strategic level. Step-by-step you will achieve a mature social media approach.
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More features

Manage all your company's channels and brand ambassadors in a single platform. The effective workflow saves you a lot of time. And with our easy-to-use app, your reach is much cheaper than online ads and traditional media.
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Social Creators

Social Master

Social Ambassadors

Results of our users


Dealer advocacy

  • Great regional reach

  • Cost savings on ads

  • Managing all socials in 1 platform

Social marketing

Social selling

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Employee advocacy

  • Increased organic reach on LinkedIn

  • Improved customer contact

  • Increased upsell opportunities

Social recruitment

Social binding

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De Hypotheker

Franchise advocacy

  • Grip on regional pages

  • Time savings per location

  • Cost savings for the headquarters

Social binding

Social marketing

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All cases

"With this platform we prepare ready-to-use social media messages for our retailers that they can easily post with their smartphones, while working in their shop. This greatly increases our regional brand awareness and helps our dealers become active online. Today, social media has become part of our online strategy to take Shimano Service Centers to the highest levels."

- Erik-Jan Brunninkreef, Manager retail services & concepts at Shimano

“Easy to use platform with a very promising future”

- Walter Young, Marketing Program Manager at Canon

"Social media are an important part of our marketing mix. With Apostle's tools, we offer our customers valuable content at the right time in their customer journey. In addition, Apostle's tools support our employees in providing relevant content for their network."

- Luuk Slaats, CEO Centralpoint

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a reward-based points system 

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