Align people to rock social 🚀

Apostle is the all-in-one platform for both small and larger organisations to make a difference online. Become the online leader in your industry!

Spread authentic stories of 'real' people from you organization through your corporate and employees' personal social media channels.

Align people to rock social 🚀

The world is constantly changing and digitizing. With Apostle, you keep up with those changes.

How do you really keep in touch with your target group in the ever changing media landscape? By putting your employees first. They know what moves the target group and are credible.

Corporate channgels and social media ads are losing power by changing algorithms. Thousands of companies are begging for attention with every swipe and scroll.

Facilitate and involve your employees in external communication and make use of their networks. Apostle helps you with that.

Step by step to a higher level

The Apostle platform is based on the Social Shift method. It offers the right tools to deal with social media in a structured and strategic way. The simple steps from the Social Shift readiness model give you as a manager something to hold on to.

Check out our roadmap down below

Create unique content

A good content strategy is the foundation with which you create unique content and make an impact on your (potential) customer. Easily put together your perfect content strategy and guarantee the quality of your content in your personal dashboard.

Gather real content

Never run out of media for your posts again? With the mobile app you collect authentic stories from your employees. Receive all success stories, blogs and company updates from your employees directly in your dashboard and transform these stories into professional posts.

Manage all your channels and increase your reach

Create powerful posts for your employees and company channels on all social networks in one central content calendar. Employees can share your unique content on their own timeline with one click. Measure your online team performance with our extensive statistics and increase your reach, customer involvement and sales. The approval flow ensures consistent communication and professionalism.

Activate everyone within your organisation

Increase the professional skills of your team using the Apostle e-learning. In no time we train you and your employees to become real social media gurus. With the help of gamification and automation flows you keep everyone involved and active.

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