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Activate brand ambassadors to reach your target audience without expensive advertisements.

Trusted by more than 1,000 SME and Enterprise businesses worldwide

What is Brand Advocacy?

Brand Advocacy is an innovative method for organizations to reach their target audience through the personal network of brand ambassadors instead of using expensive ads and ever-changing algorithms.

Learn in 7 steps how an organization is positioned in a personal way and create a large organic reach. 
Boost your reach
Posts shared by employees generate 561% more reach compared to corporate posts.
User generated content
Click rates are 2.6x higher when using authentic content in online campaigns.
New leads
New clients decide to contact you after seeing 3 to 5 posts on average. 
More clients
Leads through brand ambassadors are 7x more likely to convert.
Employee retention is 18% higher for companies with involved employees.
More applicants
76% of job seekers find their new job through referrals. 

Apostle is an easy-to-use
Brand Advocacy Platform.

Maximize your reach on social media with the smartest suggestions for your team.

"With this platform we prepare ready-to-use social media messages for our retailers that they can easily post with their smartphones, while working in their shop. This greatly increases our regional brand awareness and helps our dealers become active online. Today, social media has become part of our online strategy to take Shimano Service Centers to the highest levels."

- Erik-Jan Brunninkreef, Manager retail services & concepts at Shimano

"Easy to use product with a promising future. We were looking for a software that would be super simple for our colleagues to use for Employee Advocacy. Everyone who has used Apostle says that it is much easier than any other method they use for posting. Additionally, it is flexible enough for us to organise users by product group, language and country."

- Walter Young, Marketing Program Manager at Canon

"Social media are an important part of our marketing mix. With Apostle's tools, we offer our customers valuable content at the right time in their customer journey. In addition, Apostle's tools support our employees in providing relevant content for their network."

- Luuk Slaats, CEO Centralpoint

Turn your organization into a thought leader

Empower your ambassadors to become true thought leaders within their personal networks. Work together as a team to generate more leads, increase reach and strengthen your employer brand. 

Your brand ambassadors become true social creators

Authenticity is key. Encourage employees to upload their own content to your social media manager and to share on their personal accounts with our mobile app.  

Scalable, easy-to-use platform

Brand ambassadors come in many varieties. Employees, dealers, franchisers, partners, anyone can use Apostle. We are currently active in numerous industries all over the world. Are you next?

One platform, all you need.

Take your social media marketing to the next level with Apostle. Discover our powerful features and harness the true power of your employees’ voices on social media.

Ready to go
Just create your team and you are ready to launch.
Invite your colleagues and experience the true power of personal accounts.
Apostle is...
Easy to use
Fast and scalable
Clean and modern
GDPR compliant
Content management
Plan, schedule and monitor all of your social media activities in one dashboard. Use our content calendar for a clear overview of your monthly content planning.
Activation program
Our brand activators and partners will guide your team through the onboarding process. Together we’ll create a content strategy and set up the platform, e-learning and gamification.
Reporting & insights
Gain access to in-depth user engagement, content performance, and social media reach statistics. Track your team’s performance on the leaderboard and appreciate their accomplishments.
Top security
Don't worry about privacy or GDPR compliance, Apostle will protect you with enterprise-grade security, so that you can have a good night of sleep. Always.
Apostle integrates seamlessly with different tools. Use integrations for apps such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Power BI, Wordpress, Bitly and many more.
Artificial intelligence
(coming soon)
Worried that your brand ambassadors all share the same posts? Don’t be. Our AI-powered algorithms automatically create different variations of posts for each individual. 
White label
Increase your brand ambassadors’ engagement with your own company branded state-of-the-art mobile application. 

It will amaze
your users

Start now with Apostle and experience the true power of Brand Advocacy.