More shares

WhatsApp is prominent on every mobile phone. As a result, your ambassadors post more messages on social media.

Happy co-workers

Via WhatsApp, editing and posting on personal or business pages becomes even easier for your in- and external co-workers

Ambassadors' choice

When ambassadors prefer using the app or email, they retain the choice themselves how they want to receive a  suggested post.

Frequently asked questions

Why are there additional fees for suggesting posts via WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is part of Meta, and its revenue model is with WhatsApp for business use. These costs we have to pass on are based on the number of suggestions in Apostle.

Not all my ambassadors are enthusiastic about business-related messages on WhatsApp. How do we deal with that?

Ambassadors decide how they want to receive a suggestion. It's still possible to use Apostle's mobile app and mail and exclude WhatsApp suggestions.

Does Meta store personal data?

No, WhatsApp does not store personal data. WhatsApp has the messages end-to-end encrypted,

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