Features for brands with retailers

Reach a completely new local audience by providing your dealers with ready-made content to share on their regional pages, with our easy-to-use features designed for brands with dealers.

Manage all accounts in one dashboard

In the Apostle platform it’s very easy to manage and suggestsocial media post to all connected pages and users:

  • Corporate pages of your brand
  • Local corporate pages of your dealers and/or retailers
  • Personal pages of your employees

Gather authentic content

Gather authentic, relevant, and noteworthy work related content from your dealers and retailers. They are your local eyes and ears! They can easily upload photos and videos to your marketing team with the Apostle app.

Personalized UTM codes

You can add an automatically generated, personalized UTM code to your URL’s, to track how many link clicks are generated by each of your dealers and retailers. The link can be redirected to a personalized custom landing page from within your own CMS.

Targeted content for different locations

Create different variations of posts to prevent duplicated content. Easily tailor your content to your dealers and retailers needs by using custom parameters like shopname or location. Dealers and retailers can also edit the post to make it more personal.

Easily create different posts with AI

To prevent every dealer and/or retailer from sharing the same content, especially the ones that are geographically close, you can easily create different variations of a post with our AI feature. It’s just one click!

Multilevel approval

Does your content need to be approved by different key positions in all layers of your organization? With the multilevel approval function you could select different colleagues to check the content of your posts. Only after approval, the posts are sent to your team.

Auto approve function

Your dealers and retailers don’t need to spend any time on social media posts anymore. With the auto approve functionality suggested posts from your brand will be posted automatically on their regional pages. A user-friendly and time-saving working method.

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