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Our partner program offers employee advocacy software and a unique science-based framework, including e-learning and live sessions. Boost customers' and prospects' social media activity, helping them increase their reach and enhance brand visibility. 

Established with the Cialdini Institute
The only official certified SRO Partner Program
New science-based propositions to boost your authority and revenue

“As a certified agency, you’ll be able to drive results that benefit all: clients, employees, and your agency.”

- Dr. Robert Cialdini

Unlock a new revenue channel for your business with employee advocacy for clients

Maximize your client’s organic reach and impact

Achieve clients’ marketing, sales, and recruitment goals with our unique success formula for organic growth on social media

Revolutionize marketing strategies with engaged brand ambassadors

The networks of your clients’ co-workers are the key to captivating their target audience on social media

Get access to the success formula for organic growth on social media

Apostle offers cutting-edge employee advocacy software and an SRO marketing framework that mobilizes employees and stakeholders on social media

Achieve expertise in organic social media strategies with active brand ambassadors

Access valuable resources and excel in the science behind the Social Reach Optimization Framework

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Who are our partners?

The partner program is for marketing agencies and freelancers targeting B2B and B2B2C clients with over 100 employees, with or without a franchise formula or retaildistribution channel.

What's in it for you?

As a Service Partner

Sell implementation projects according to our framework for €7.500 (hourly rate €250)
Receive a 20% kickback on every annual license sold remaining active

As a Referral Partner

Refer leads and receive a 10% kickback fee from every annual license sold remaining active
Receive a €250 voucher of choice

How to become an Apostle Partner?

Enhanced Certification Process for Service Partners:

We foster our relationship through collaboration. Apostle is here to assist with implementing your first two clients and help you achieve certification through guided steps
For the first client, partners gain access to Apostle for internal use and to showcase demos to clients and potential leads
Upon successfully completing these two tailored projects, partners are awarded a certification, marking their proficiency and commitment to excellence in leveraging our software and framework

The process for a Referral Partner

Register as a referral partner
Receive a personal link to forward to clients, prospects, and others in your network
To receive your kickback and voucher, all clients must register via the personal link to become automatically linked to the partner

Why organizations invest in organic social media strategies with brand ambassadors

Evolving social media algorithms lead to limited reach on corporate pages
Consistently rising expenses for online advertising campaigns
Targeting restrictions in Meta yield fewer and fewer results
Branding through brand ambassadors is key

Establishing a distinctive and recognizable brand is more important than ever. By leveraging the influence of passionate brand advocates, businesses improve their brand image, expand their reach, and ultimately drive tremendous success.

What’s in it for your customers?

Increase your client’s online reach

Authentic content contributes to more reach, up to 600 extra views per post.

Save time with Employee Advocacy Software

Employee advocacy software like Apostle helps your coworkers to post content up to 71% faster. Save time and make it easy & fast to post work-related content.

Hit sales targets

Sales reps who excel at sharing relevant content on their LinkedIn profiles create more opportunities and are 51% more likely to hit their sales targets.

Find more suitable candidates

Employee networks can help organizations grow their talent pools by up to ten times due to their relevance.

Strengthen your client’s employer brand

Activating your clients’ employees as brand ambassadors shows people what it is like to work for their organization. Furthermore, retention is 18% higher in organizations with engaged employees.

Boost your client's organization's credibility

76% of social media users trust employees' social media posts more than corporate posts. Real stories from real people are more credible than anything a company shares.

Clients we work with

Our clients operate in various industries in different parts of the world. We help them grow their online presence and achieve their marketing, HR, recruitment, and sales business goals. As a result, our customers will establish themselves as respected and trusted brands within their industry.

This is what partners say about the cooperation with Apostle

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“Apostle’s platform is really something we take into account in conversations with new customers when discussing their online strategy. It is a very nice USP.”
A text box
“The partnership is very pleasant because of the personal approach, but also because we get the feeling that we are working towards the same goal; making our customer successful! We use Apostle as an extra channel and opportunity to help our customers.”

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Frequently asked questions

What does the Certified SRO program bring to my organization?

Attaining the status of a Certified SRO Agency certifies you in the Social Reach Optimization methodology. This establishes you as an expert agency in establishing brand ambassador programs with SRO and grants you access to the latest insights on behavioral change.

SRO Benefis

  • A new strategic approach to social media for your clients; Social Reach Optimization.
  • Ready-to-go SRO program: pick the components you need
  • 20% kickback from every Apostle subscription sold
  • Generate new revenue by expanding and upselling your services with SRO as a unique proposition.
  • Get access to one of the best Employee Advocacy tools for your clients.

Do these benefits blow you away? Get in touch with our partner manager and we’ll send you the detailed information.

What is my investment in becoming an Apostle partner?

  • The cost of the agency SRO Coach Course, including certification, is €999,-* for every trained coach. The course requires a time investment of approximately 20 hours.
  • Follow the in-depth sales training included in the course to sell Apostle’s products and services to your clients for recurring revenue. The sales training requires a time investment of approximately 3 hours.
  • The Affiliate Agency purchases its own paid license and one-time set-up to use the platform so that employees of the organization become experienced users of the platform. For freelancers, this is not required.

Investments specific to Agencies:

  • Monthly professional license Apostle
  • One-time setup platform
  • Fully rebranded white label app for 55% higher engagement**
  • One-time setup white label app**

*Quantity discount included.
**Optional for small agencies.

Contact our salesteam for more detailed information.

What is Apostle's role, and what is my role as an agency or freelancer?

  • Apostle provides you with the Apostle platform and SRO Activation program for your customers. Two ingredients to make sure the brand ambassador program is implemented correctly, employees participate and continue doing so.
  • Furthermore, you or our colleagues follow the SRO Coach Course to become certified SRO Coach. As a partner, you’re also a preferred supplier for (potential) customers of Apostle.
  • You gain access to the Apostle platform and all elements of the SRO Activation Program. You can include all these elements in your offer to clients or simply pick individual elements to include in your existing services. This allows you to accompany new customers in implementing their ambassador program step-by-step. We provide the tools and resources you need.
  • In return, you can sell the Apostle platform and SRO Activation Program to your clients, onboard them successfully, and have access to a completely new revenue channel. A win-win!

As an agency, can I also purchase my own Apostle license?

Yes, you can, and it’s also a requirement to purchase your own Professional License for the Apostle platform, as an agency. By using the platform in your own organization, you become experienced users and benefit from and experience the results yourself.

What is Social Reach Optimization (SRO)?

SRO is the success formula for activating the stakeholders of an organization as brand ambassadors on social media, helping you to increase your online organic reach and gain more leads, customers, and job applicants. In this blog you can read more about Social Reach Optimization.

How do I become a certified SRO Coach to help my customers with Employee Advocacy?

We offer an SRO Coach Course to train you to become a certified SRO Coach. As a SRO Coach, you’re able to implement successful Employee Advocacy programs in each business.

What does it entail to be a SRO Coach, and what is expected of a SRO Coach?

In this blog, we explain everything there is to know about your role as SRO Coach.

I’m offering social media services. How do I combine this with being an Apostle partner?

As an Apostle partner, you can implement the SRO Activation Program with your customers. You can also offer your services as a manager of your client's social media accounts (as a Social Master) or as a content creator who finds the best stories in their organization (as a Social Creator). Contact us to start your Apostle partnership and learn more about your options.

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