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The Apostle platform is used by large and small organizations.
With our packages we help different types of organizations.
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For small business & teams

Perfect for small/medium sized businesses who want to save time and use social media at a strategic level. Work together with your team on branding and online visibility. Are you currently working with a marketing agency? Then Apostle is the ideal platform that ensures a more effective collaboration to optimize your results together.

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Central dashboard for marketers:

Content creation & -planner
Tools for collaboration
Customer Succes Team

Mobile app for brand ambassadors

Tool for content uploads  
Team feed of all social media expressions
Post suggestions in your mail inbox
1-click-share of authentic posts
Technical support 

For large business & teams

For larger organizations with an online pull strategy to activate brand ambassadors on social media. The software offers an activation program to let employees, dealers & partners contribute to the achievement of business goals. Put a face behind your organization by sharing authentic content on personal channels. Marketing teams will get all the tools they need to work more efficiently with a group of brand ambassadors during the process.
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Everything for small businesses & large teams

Content strategy & -planning
Group management
Social media automation
AI - variations
Social Master Training
Customer Succes Team

Mobile app for brand ambassadors

Custom white label app
Auto-approve for dealers & franchise
Leaderboards insights

Elke pakket bevat:

Eenvoudig te configureren structuur en filters
Onboarding programma
Op maat gemaakte URL
GDPR richtlijnen
Beschikbaar in Engels, Frans, Duits, Portugees, Nederlands & Italiaans
"Met het Apostle platform kunnen wij kant-en-klare social media berichten klaarzetten voor retailers die zij vanaf de winkelvloer op hun smartphone kunnen accorderen."
"Met het Apostle platform kunnen wij kant-en-klare social media berichten klaarzetten voor retailers die zij vanaf de winkelvloer op hun smartphone kunnen accorderen."

All packages include:

Easy to configure structure and filters
Onboarding program
Custom URL
GDPR guidelines
Social recruitment
“It is corporate and employer branding combined, but then in an very personal - and therefore powerful - way. Through this method, storytelling has become an essential part of recruitment.”
Social marketing
"With the Apostle platform, we can suggest ready-to-share social media posts for retailers, which they can share and approve from their smartphones."
Social selling
“The customer journey currently takes place digitally. Maybe not entirely, but certainly at the start. Initially, social media has become a part of our marketing mix."
Social control
"The Apostle platform allows us to schedule posts at the headquarters and all they have to do is approve them. In addition, content is now offered on a structural basis."

For agencies

who want to work with customers within the Apostle software or as a reseller

Extra bundles

Company Pride  bundle

Apostle helps with the implementation of Employee Advocacy. A method to make employees visible on their own social media channels. They become online visible as a brand ambassador for your organization.
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Company Pride includes 4 elements:

White label app

Dealer Advocacy  bundle

Apostle helps with involving your dealer network in your content strategy. This way you keep control over the online expressions of your brand and help your local dealer to become more visible with professional content.
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Dealer advocacy includes 5 elements:

Technical kick-off

Franchise Advocacy  bundle

Together with your franchisees, you will build an even stronger brand, helping them with local marketing and branding on social media from a central editorial team. This will relieve your franchisees of a lot of stress because they are most often already busy.
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Franchise Advocacy includes 4 elements:

White label app

Content service  bundle

Apostle's brand activation team supports organizations in creating a distinctive content strategy. Content managers are creative and they enjoy experimenting with the latest tools. We enjoy working with partners and consulting them whenever possible.
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Service includes 5 elements:

Social media post creation
Content planning
Video content

Technical integrations

Apostle integrates with other platforms to make it possible for our customers to work together effectively. There are thousands of integrations already planned.

Do you have questions or requirements for an integration with the Apostle platform?
Let us know
How do we start?

The first step is creating a social media content strategy with our Brand Activation Team. This is the framework for your social media activities within Apostle. Together, we’ll determine your goals, target audience, content themes and governance. We’ll then guide you through the platform setup and help activating your team.

Don’t need our help? No worries. Feel free to start your 14-day trial and contact us when you’re ready to scale up. Our support team is always happy to help with technical issues and brand activation tips.

Can I schedule on business pages and personal accounts?

Definitely, both personal and business pages can be used simultaneously in Apostle. Simply connect your business pages and your employees’ accounts all in one dashboard.

Happy sharing!

How do I engage my employees?

Our Brand Activation Team will happily guide you through the onboarding process. We developed our own activation methodology that helps your employees to become true brand ambassadors. 

In addition, our platform contains a full suite of gamification and engagement tools to help activate your team and brand. Please consult our Sales team for more information.

Who will create the content?

Usually a marketing team is in charge of creating the content and scheduling it with Apostle. In addition, all users can upload content to Apostle’s dashboard through our mobile application. This saves your marketing team a lot of time and helps to improve your brand image with authentic content.

How does posting on personal accounts increase reach?

Social media algorithms strongly prefer personal posts rather than business posts in terms of reach. Their main goal is make sure you start advertising and spending money on their platform.

If you use Apostle to empower all of your employees to share content on their personal pages, your reach will greatly increase. The combination of sharing on both corporate accounts and personal accounts will boost your brand awareness and employer brand.

How to prevent duplicate posts for colleagues?

Apostle uses our own smart algorithm to prevent duplicate posts for multiple employees. In addition, we offer easy ways to create variations and have a timeframe feature which spreads out all of your posts.

How to scale up?

We always advise to start out small, for example with just one department or team. After a successful pilot easily expand to multiple departments, even in different countries or regions. Use the results and insights to convince other users to join and start sharing for your organization.

How can users upload content?

Users gain access to our state-of-the-art mobile app. In the app they can easily upload photos and videos straight from the workfloor to your social media manager. Your content experts review the posts and schedule it directly for your team. The app is available for iOS and Android.

How does the approval flow work?

All users can either share, edit or delete every post you created as an admin. They are always in full control of their own personal accounts. Posts will never be shared without their own permission.

We recommend users to add their own tone of voice to their posts for increased online engagement with their network.

What is the difference with Hootsuite, Smarp and other competitors?

The usability of our mobile app and platform are our key features. Not everyone is experienced in using social media, but we’re here to help. Users can become active on social media with just a few clicks and contribute by uploading their own content. Admins save hours by managing all of their social media activities in just one dashboard.

In addition, we offer the best onboarding services, which include creating a content strategy, implementation services and technical support.

Do you offer support?

Our technical support team is available for all of your questions and technical issues. You can reach us through our live chat or by email.

Do you offer yearly discounts?

Yes. Pay upfront and save 5%, if you commit to an annual subscription. Please contact our Sales team for more information.