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Get access to a step-by-step guide through the SRO Activation Program in Apostle to ensure a seamless onboarding process.
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SRO Coach course
This course walks you through the essentials on how to implement SRO and the brand ambassador program in your organization.
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Get access to templates, presentations and helpful resources to kickstart your brand ambassador program.
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Get access to Apostle’s community of certified SRO Coaches to share knowledge and learn from other experts.
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Technical setup and onboarding of the Apostle platform by one of Apostle’s experts.
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For enterprises with multiple brands or locations.

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14 days free trial  •  No credit card required
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Get access to the SRO Course for each individual brand or location to ensure global success.
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Manage all social media content for your brands or locations in one simple Apostle dashboard.
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Each individual office gets access to its own Apostle subscription to manage their own content accordingly.
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Our Apostle platform but fully tailored to your own corporate branding (mobile app, web dashboard and mail).
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Key features

Content Creation and Planning

Manage all company and personal pages in advance in our all-inclusive composer. Create unique messages with the assistance of our AI tool, swiftly translate content, and seamlessly schedule posts across all your brand ambassador groups.

Platform Integrations

Apostle integrates with 20+ tools, connecting your current app ecosystem seamlessly.

Performance Analytics

Track and measure the impact of your social media efforts with data-driven insights.

Gather Personal Content

Ambassadors can easily upload photos and videos to your marketing team via the Apostle app.

SRO Strategy

Establish, incorporate, and uphold your content strategy within Apostle. Define the core subjects to ensure project continuity.

Gamification & Rewards

Engage your brand ambassadors through gamification and reward systems for active participation.

(Whitelabel) Mobile App

Sharing is made simple with the mobile app. In just one click, your brand ambassadors share to their personal social media accounts.

“Thanks to Apostle, we now reach millions of consumers in Europe each year through regional social media accounts”

Mickael Timmermans

Service Center Coordinator Europe at Shimano
“Cialdini’s theory, clear videos, assignments, and 1-on-1 sessions with our SRO professional, have certainly contributed to my brand ambassador knowledge. I'm convinced that familiarity with these concepts is essential for those venturing into SRO.”

Maike Jansen

Principal Manager & Senior Consultant Social Media
“Apostle provides an easy way for your employees to share content that you have pre-approved beforehand”

Erwin Sigterman

Digital Marketing Coordinator at Wienerberger

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Extra support to drive your success

We are not just a tool. We solve your biggest challenges to ensure success. Our support programs help you and your organization when you do not have the time or means.

Outsource content creation

Is your team too busy to create and distribute content? We work with a network of partners that can execute your content strategy and roll out the distribution of the content to your brand ambassadors.

Activate your brand ambassadors

Our adoption program solves all your challenges when it comes to activating brand ambassadors. It’s straightforward and based on proven behaviour change techniques to educate, excite and motivate your people.

Set-up and implementation

Adopting a brand ambassador program is at least as necessary as the tool. With our SRO Activation Program we help you make your ambassador program a succes!

Technical set-up

A professional technical set-up of the platform is provided and the features are tailored to your specific needs.
€499* one-off
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* €999,- with Pro & Enterprise plans.

SRO content strategy

Many organizations lack a content strategy and structure on social media. Develop a lean & mean, high-quality plan within a month.
€2.800 one-off
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The first group of brand ambassadors will be activated in the pilot phase. They receive kick-offs and, if desired, an e-learning program. During this trial period, successes will be celebrated.
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€1.250 one-off


On average, 68% of employees are open to become ambassadors. In this phase we extend the success and activate more ambassadors. Tools are used to change behavior in the desired way.
€1.750 /mo
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Frequently asked questions

What is the SRO Activation Program?

The SRO Activation program is a step-by-step program with assignments, online lessons, and coaching sessions based on behavioral science and practical experience. The SRO program helps companies to activate brand ambassadors on social media. It provides them with tools and knowledge to boost their activity and confidence on social media. Read more on our SRO activation program.

What makes an SRO activation program essential for successful adoption?

Our SRO program offers clients a strategic, data-driven method for fostering employee advocacy. This approach maximizes brand exposure and boosts engagement by providing meticulous guidance and training. Armed with a distinct purpose and essential tools, employees become driven to share both branded and personal content. Conversely, the absence of this program could lead to diminished adoption and inconsistent advocacy, owing to the absence of direction and support.

How much time does it take to start with the SRO Framework?

You can start immediately by taking a 2-hour course. After completing the course, you determine your own pace, and the small steps are clearly outlined in Apostle. The project manager in charge is referred to as the SRO coach and is active in this role for approximately 8 hours per month.

Is prior experience necessary to implement the SRO program?

No, you don't need any previous background in social media marketing or brand management to take on the SRO Practitioner or Professional course. While a basic familiarity and comfort with social media are beneficial, they are not obligatory. The all-encompassing course is designed to cater to various backgrounds, ensuring that individuals can thrive as SRO practitioners, irrespective of their level of experience.

How to start a brand ambassador program, and how long does it take?

When initiating a brand ambassador program, we suggest commencing with the SRO methodology. Equally crucial is to launch your brand ambassador initiative with a select group of enthusiastic and socially adept colleagues. Activating all brand ambassadors simultaneously is an ambitious goal. Instead, introduce your program with a small group, and as you achieve initial successes, expand gradually. This approach will likely attract the participation of additional colleagues. In totality, our recommendation is to pursue a gradual scaling process. Depending on your company's size, the process of activating a substantial cohort of brand ambassadors could span from six months to a year.

Can I also manage my corporate company pages and replace my other planning tools with Apostle?

Definitely, with Apostle you can use both personal and business pages simultaneously. Simply connect your business pages and your employees’ accounts all in one dashboard. After creating one or multiple posts you can select the corporate pages and persons you want to suggest the post(s) to. Simple, straightforward and very easy.

How do I get started with the platform?

The first step is creating your SRO strategy with your dedicated SRO professional. This is the framework for your social media activities in Apostle. Together, we’ll determine your goals, target audience, content themes, and KPIs. Besides, we’ll guide you through the platform setup and help onboarding and activate your team of brand ambassadors. Don’t need our help? With the self-service package, you start on your own with a thorough course on SRO. Don’t worry, our support team is always happy to help with technical issues and activation tips.

How much time does it take for a social media manager per month?

Creating, suggesting, and sharing posts with Apostle is very time-efficient. With our comprehensive composer you schedule your posts in no time. Craft distinctive messages using our AI feature, translate your posts in a few seconds, and schedule your posts over time for all your groups of brand ambassadors.

How much time does a brand ambassador need to spend?

Sharing with Apostle is easy and doesn't take up much time at all. Brand ambassadors can edit and share a suggested post with just one click of a button. This way a brand ambassador only has to invest a couple of minutes per month. Apostle also has an auto approve function. With the auto-approve feature, the suggested post will automatically be approved and shared so that your brand ambassadors do not even have to invest a second of their time in Apostle.

How do I ensure that the platform is adopted by my employees?

The SRO methodology has been developed to activate your brand ambassadors and keep them activated in the long run. Based on scientific research on behavior change, this methodology is the key to your brand ambassador program’s success. In addition, our platform offers a bunch of gamification and engagement tools to help activate your team. Please consult our sales team for more information.

Can I post videos, Stories, and Reels via Apostle?

Posting videos on your corporate and personal social media accounts is possible for all supported platforms. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to post stories and reels on Instagram via Apostle.

Is tagging people and companies possible in Apostle?

Directly tagging in the web dashboard of the platform is possible for the personal accounts connected to the Apostle platform and company pages on LinkedIn and Facebook.

When posting via the mobile app tagging all personal and company pages is possible. However, this requires a manual action by the user performed on the social media channel itself.  Read more about this functionality in our Knowledge base.

How about the privacy of my colleagues when starting with an employee advocacy program?

You can read all about privacy, data processing, and legal matters in our Legal Resources Hub.

When I purchase the complete SRO package, when do I start paying for my Apostle subscription?

The complete SRO package includes an Apostle subscription from the start, as you need the platform to incorporate all program components in Apostle. The Apostle subscription and the payment for this element will start right from the beginning.

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