Explore our SRO activation program for amplified advocacy

Training and guidance by a certified SRO coach
Based on the latest insights on behavioral science
Program and courses are co-created with the Cialdini Institute

Trusted by 1,000+ SME and enterprise businesses worlwide

Software alone falls short

That’s why we partnered up with the Cialdini Institute and created our SRO Activation Program. This phased approach streamlines your employee advocacy implementation with templates, presentations and handouts for guaranteed success. We offer two different ways of completing our program.

Self service SRO program

Self-service (e-learning only) is only recommended for companies that already have experience with employee advocacy. It has no dedicated guidance and just technical support.



Full course access

365 days

Time investment

Approx. 12 hours

Official certificate

SRO Coach


Technical support

All-in-one SRO program

All-in-one program with full guidance, coaching and support by our SRO experts. They have years of experience in setting up employee advocacy programs and will guide you every step of the way. 


E-learning, coaching and full guidance


Approx. 6 months

Time investment

Approx. 20 hours

Official certificate

SRO Coach with community access

Guidance by certified SRO expert

Live sessions and 24/7 support

All-in-one SRO program


E-learning + dedicated SRO Professional


Approx. 6 months

Time investment

Approx. 20 hours

Official certificate

Signed by Dr. Cialdini

Dedicated guidance

10 live sessions by certified SRO Professional

From €9.997,-

for 6 months
Get your customized plan
Money-back guarantee

This is what professionals say about the SRO Activation Program

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“Cialdini’s theory, clear videos, assignments, and 1-on-1 sessions with our SRO coach, have certainly contributed to my brand ambassador knowledge. I'm convinced that familiarity with these concepts is essential for those venturing into SRO.”

Maike Jansen

Principal Manager & Senior Consultant Social Media

What to expect?

The SRO program helps companies to activate brand ambassadors on social media and equip them with all the necessary tools for a thriving ambassador program

70+ short instructional videos
1-on-1 coaching with a dedicated SRO coach
Based on behavioral science and practical experience

How you will excel

After completing your program, you’ll be able to set up a successful brand ambassador program in your organization. This will dramatically improve your reach and engagement on social media.

The science behind brand ambassadors
Create a high-quality SRO content strategy
Successfully onboard and activate brand ambassadors

Your main benefits

You’ll learn how to continuously activate your team of brand ambassadors. This will help you get the most out of your sales, marketing, recruitment, and other business efforts.

Become a certified SRO coach
Expand your organic reach and engagement on social media
Attract more leads, customers and applicants

Thousands of professionals around the globe have engaged in Dr. Cialdini’s and Apostle's courses

SRO program outline

The SRO Activation Program contains 9 live sessions and 66 small assignments for a step-by-step implementation process spread over 6 months.

Phase 1: Strategy & Structure

1. Start SRO Coach e-learning course

The SRO Program commences with an e-learning course tailored for SRO coaches. Within this e-learning framework, coaches will receive comprehensive guidance throughout the program. All assignments and live sessions are linked with the e-learning videos. This alignment will effectively support the SRO coaches during the complete process of onboarding and implementing the SRO program.

2. Create SRO Strategy and define brand ambassador roles

The SRO Strategy is the foundation of the SRO program, containing a content strategy, goal setting and roles structure for your team. The SRO coaches will create a first draft of the SRO strategy (based on Apostle’s templates). In two meetings, you will receive feedback, and work together to create a final document.

3. Employee advocacy software set up & training (Apostle)

In this session, you’ll get an in-depth tour of the Apostle platform. What are the key features, and how will the platform work once the first brand ambassadors join the team? You will get access to all of Apostle’s resources to ensure a proper technical onboarding.

4. Set up meeting structure: Management updates & editorial meetings

The program includes setting up a specific meeting structure for both admins and regular users. This helps to keep the brand ambassador program top of mind and keeps everyone aligned within the project. Management updates are meant to keep the management team informed about the progress and editorial meetings are designed to brainstorm about new content with your Social Creators.

Phase 2: Pilot

5. Create brand ambassador onboarding plan

In this session, you will discuss the onboarding plan for the first group of brand ambassadors. We advise starting small with a group of 15-20 brand ambassadors. The SRO coaches approaches the first group personally to ask them to join the program. Together, you’ll determine the roles and prepare for the first kick-off meeting.

6. Kick-offs (Onboarding brand ambassadors per role: Creator, Activator & Ambassador)

In the first kick-off sessions, you’ll onboard the first groups of brand ambassadors in the Apostle platform. Your SRO coaches explains the mobile app and stresses the importance of the brand ambassadors’ activity in the program. Your SRO coach will also explain what’s in it for them and why the company is starting this program. Together, you’ll install the app, suggest and schedule content, and walk through some frequently asked questions. After this session, you’re ready to start scheduling your content.

7. Start e-learning per role: Activators & Creators

Social Activators and Social Creators get access to their own respective e-learning programs. These programs consist of several short informational videos to explain the importance of their role in the project and what’s expected of them. These e-learning programs are included in the SRO program.

Phase 3: Expanding your team

8. Pilot analysis & Management update

In this session, you evaluate the results of the first period and share it with your management team. It consists of a brief evaluation of the first posts and brand ambassador group. Additionally, it serves as an important meeting to discuss the next steps for your brand ambassador program and get commitment for your management team.

9. Create monthly expansion plan

You’ll discuss how to recruit new brand ambassadors. Your SRO coach explains different methods of inviting people to join, including webinars, additional kick-offs, or landing pages. Together, you’ll also decide how many brand ambassadors to onboard each month - for example 10 to 15 people - and compose a monthly recurring recruitment plan.

10. Ongoing new kick-offs and webinar onboarding sessions

These new onboarding sessions are given in smaller groups (kick-offs) or larger groups (through webinars). During these (online) meetings, new groups of brand ambassadors are onboarded in your employee advocacy software and added to the brand ambassador program. The amount of kick-offs or webinars depends on the number of brand ambassadors you want to expand with.

11. Final exam

After taking the final exam you’ll be a certified SRO Coach. From now on you can implement successful brand ambassador programs in every organization.

Discover what you’ve been missing

Amplify your reach with SRO activation program

Without an SRO Activation Program, you could be inadvertently missing out on the immense potential of organic reach. This program empowers you to tap into the power of social networks and unleash your brand's visibility to a wider, engaged audience.

Become a true master of employee advocacy strategies

The program empowers you to excel in the science behind Social Reach Optimization, craft high-quality SRO strategies, and successfully onboard and activate brand ambassadors.

SRO activation program: lasting behavior change

From our practical experience, we've encountered numerous brand ambassador programs that fell short of expectations. Employee advocacy isn't just about posting online – it's about changing behavior for the long haul.

Top teams from all over the world rely on Apostle to smash their goals

The best way to get your content to your audience is through your brand’s most valuable online asset: your employees. Apostle is an all-in-one and easy-to-use brand advocacy platform that simplifies social sharing for all your ambassadors and results in up to 7 times more engagement from your audience!

Limiting social media algorithms

Corporate posts only reach about 2-7% of your followers on social media.

Boost your online reach

Personal posts reach 25-30% of the ambassador’s followers. With an advocacy program you’ll boost your online reach with an astounding 561%.

Slick marketing content doesn’t work

92% of people trust social media posts in their personal networks more compared to corporate posts, and interact with them more often.

More engagement, leads, and applications

Convert people to customers of employees 7 times more likely.

Managing all of your corporate pages and scheduling posts for colleagues, dealers, and franchisees by mail is too time-consuming.

Managing content is too much hassle

Cost and time effective

Manage all of your social media pages in one dashboard.

SRO program FAQ

What is the time investment for our marketing team and brand ambassadors?

The time investment for marketing and your brand ambassador team differs. The marketing team will dedicate more time to setting up the strategy and structure, as well as creating and scheduling posts for brand ambassadors.

The time investment varies depending on the participants' roles. Based on a 6-month implementation plan, the time investments per role are as follows:
SRO Coach: Approximately 53 hours in total, including assignments, strategy sessions, and onboarding brand ambassadors.
Social Master (Content Marketeer): Approximately 5-10 hours per month, depending on the number of posts to be scheduled for the team.
Brand ambassadors: Approximately 15 minutes per month. NB: Some roles may take around 1-2 hours per month. Read more about our roles here.

Why do I need an SRO program for successful adoption?

The SRO program provides clients with a strategic, data-driven approach to employee advocacy, maximizing brand reach and increasing engagement through step-by-step guidance and training. With a clear sense of purpose and necessary tools, employees are motivated to actively share branded and personal content. Without the program, the lack of direction and support may result in lower adoption and inconsistent advocacy efforts.

Why is the Apostle software included in the SRO program?

The Apostle employee advocacy software is essential in an SRO program, streamlining implementation, simplifying content sharing and engagement and empowering colleagues to become active brand ambassadors. Its features and support contribute significantly to the program's overall success, making it invaluable in any SRO initiative.

How long does the SRO program take to complete?

The SRO program typically takes 6 months to complete, but this can vary based on company size and the number of brand ambassadors involved, ranging from 3 months to a year. However, to ensure a successful and impactful implementation, we recommend dedicating at least 6 months.

What is the difference between an SRO Professional and SRO Practitioner?

The key difference between an SRO Professional and an SRO Practitioner lies in their roles within the SRO program:

SRO Practitioner: Focuses on implementing the SRO program, guiding organizations through the process of activating brand ambassadors on social media. They create content strategies, provide training for your team, and monitor progress to achieve organizational goals.

SRO Professional: Apart from implementation, they also sell the SRO program to their clients, leveraging sales skills to secure new clients interested in brand ambassador programs. They act as ambassadors of the software, presenting its value proposition and driving sales, while continuing to guide successful implementations.

What are the next steps after completing the SRO program?

Maintaining team engagement is crucial once the SRO program concludes. You have the option to continue engaging your current team of brand ambassadors through editorial meetings, workshops, and management updates. Additionally, you can choose to expand your team further. As an SRO Coach, you will stay in contact with your brand ambassador team to ensure their ongoing active participation and to keep your brand at the forefront of their minds. Reporting and analysis play a crucial role during this process.

Do we need prior experience to implement the SRO program?

No prior experience in social media marketing and brand management is required for the SRO Coach. Basic understanding and affinity with social media is encouraged and can be very helpful. The comprehensive course accommodates diverse backgrounds, equipping learners to excel as SRO coaches, regardless of experience level.

Does the size of the company affect the implementation of the SRO program?

The core principles of an SRO program remain applicable across organizations of all sizes, the specific implementation approach and considerations may vary based on the company's scale, resources, and organizational structure. The length of the program depends strongly on the number of brand ambassadors to be onboarded, ranging from 3 to 12 months (for larger companies). However, we do encourage all clients to start small (10-25 colleagues) and gradually expand the number of brand ambassadors during the process.

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