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February 27, 2024
About the SRO framework

What is your role as SRO Coach?

As SRO Coach, you will coach the Social Master (content creator within an organization) and regular brand ambassadors to get the most out of their ambassador program using the Apostle platform. To achieve this, we will provide all the tools necessary to dress your role correctly.

As a Social Reach Optimization (SRO) Coach, you are responsible for implementing SRO programs. Social Reach Optimization is the optimization of organic reach by activating brand ambassadors on social media. 

SRO is a new category in marketing next to social advertising and SEA and is comparable with SEO in the well-known Google landscape. It helps achieve HR, marketing, recruitment, and sales corporate goals. Companies will invest billions of dollars and euros in SRO in the coming years. This is because of the changing algorithms of social media platforms, reduced reach of company pages on social media, recently changed legislation and rising advertising costs. 

These developments have created a new role within marketing teams and agencies; the SRO Coach. The SRO Coach helps companies successfully implement SRO. The SRO program can be implemented within your and your client's organizations. Within your organization, you assume the role of SRO coach within the marketing, communications, or HR team. It is also possible that the agency where you work offers your role as SRO Coach, and you are hired by other organizations. 

As SRO Coach, you will coach the Social Master (content creator within an organization) and regular brand ambassadors to get the most out of their ambassador program using the Apostle platform. To achieve this, you will receive all the tools necessary to dress your role correctly.

What does the role of the SRO coach entail?

As an SRO coach, you will first be certified to implement the brand ambassador program at a strategic level. The implemented program contributes to achieving sales, marketing, HR, and recruitment goals.

Apostle provides and teaches how to implement a successful brand ambassador program. The program is called ‘SRO program’ and is designed with a comprehensive e-learning, handy templates, personal sessions, and group sessions. As an SRO Coach, you can use these tools to successfully roll out the program to your organization and your clients.

With this ready-made SRO program, you easily guide every organization step-by-step into utilizing the social media channels of employees, dealers, or franchisees. You are the project manager of the ambassador project and are able to create content strategies and provide training on brand ambassadorship. As a Coach, you ensure that the implementation runs smoothly and that your clients are satisfied with their social media activities.  

Your return on investment

Using a kickback construction, you receive a passive income for every customer your organization connects to the Apostle platform. In addition, the SRO program is enormously profitable for agencies or freelancers due to the many contact moments and sessions with the client. 

Main tasks:

The tasks can be completed step-by-step via a checklist. And for each task, there are ready-to-use templates that you can download or immediately use in the Apostle platform.

  • You are the SRO specialist and professionally guide organizations in implementing their SRO program.
  • You are the organization's point of contact regarding the use of brand ambassadors on social media.
  • You develop the SRO content strategy with the Social Master and other stakeholders. 
  • You supervise the Social Master to ensure the developed Content Strategy in a clear content planning. 
  • You guide the Social Master to recruit brand ambassadors.  
  • You guide employees to optimize their own social media channels. 
  • You periodically report project progress to the management team.
  • You are the chair of the monthly editorial meeting. 

Key qualities:

  • You are a coach at heart and know how to easily convey new information to marketers and employees without social media experience. 
  • You are familiar with the digital world and know your way around software programs like Apostle. 
  • You have the strategic qualities to engage with management teams at a high level. 

An SRO coach can be someone within an organization, a freelancer, or an agency employee. Based on this, there are optional tasks:

  • You are able to give workshops on the latest trends and developments in social media and digital marketing. 
  • As an SRO Coach, you are also responsible for convincing and winning over clients to implement SRO. You have commercial experience and know how to convince clients and management to start SRO programs. Apostle offers valuable sales resources, such as sales pitches, sample cases, and a sales training program to support you. 


  • You have an affinity with social media and the changing digital landscape. 
  • You find behavioral change and new techniques interesting. 
  • You like to operate within a community of SRO Coaches*

What does Apostle offer?

  • You will be trained by one of our Apostle experts with years of experience implementing SRO programs during the SRO Coach Course. You'll find more detailed information on the SRO Coach Course at our Apostle Academy page.
  • You will receive an official SRO certificate upon completion of your training. 
  • You can access our e-learnings, templates, sales support, and Apostle platform. 
  • You receive a kickback fee for every client you connect to the Apostle platform.
  • You have a new, unique revenue model and only pay Apostle the license fees of your organization and clients.
  • You will receive support from Apostle for all your questions (by phone, email, or live chat).
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