Apostle's vision

In the B2B market, paid ads on social media are becoming increasingly more expensive. Organizations will have to put more effort into showing what their values are and who they are. That's why sharing authentic stories amongst personal connections is becoming crucial. Social Reach Optimization (SRO) has become essential in the marketing resource mix.
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Global leadership!

For the past 10 years, we have been working on the smartest software to successfully help our users in 16 different countries.

Quote Koen Jordaans - Founder Apostle
“We do everything we can to activate employees, dealers & franchisees as brand ambassadors on social media."

Our mission

By 2022, Apostle will have the software with the best price-quality ratio in the brand and employee advocacy market. Soon all marketeers of B2B companies will be familiar with SRO and know how to successfully implement it.

Trusted by more than 1,000 SME and Enterprise businesses worldwide

How was Apostle established?

Launch new API and redesign
A new rebirth! 2021 is all about redeveloping our platform, redesigns and launching our new API. This major update will contain brand new features, a fresh design and a state of the art improved back end.
Corona year with a growing need for brand advocacy
A devastating year all over the globe. However, the need for brand advocacy platforms grew. Companies kept digitalizing and searching for new ways to do online sales and generate leads. Apostle turned out to be a perfect solution for online teams.
Turnover above one million euros
Another milestone! Our turnover reached one million euros for the very first time. What a compliment to our team and the performance of our Brand Advocacy platform.
1st international customers
What a milestone! The first international client started using our platform. What could the future hold?
2nd investor
A second investor showed his interest in joining Apostle. The new business model turned out to be future proof and Apostle has been growing significantly over the past few years.
Launch license business model
In 2016 we launched a new business model, which included a monthly license for our platform. The perfect model for SaaS businesses to grow and to focus on developing our platform.
Start brand activation program
The first clients started using our brand activation program. And with success! In 2015, we experienced a major increase in engagement and employee involvement within our teams.
Start developing Social shift method & platform
“A fool with a tool is still a fool”. Activating employees to share content on their own personal accounts was hard for almost every organization. Therefore, we started developing our ‘Social shift’ methodology to help our clients to adopt our platform.
1st investors
The first signs of exponential growth came in 2013, when investors showed interest in Apostle. The new investment was used to hire developers and to create the first version of the Apostle platform.
Incubator Canon
The newly found idea to include personal accounts in the marketing mix was further developed in the Canon incubator under the guidance of professional business developers.
A personal tweet changed everything
A personal tweet changed everything in 2011. Founder and CEO Koen Jordaans tweeted about his personal trip to New York and came in contact with the director of a major bank in the Netherlands. The subject quickly changed from New York to social media and resulted in a new client. A new client with just a personal tweet? Brand Advocacy was born.
Apostle was founded
The Apostle adventure began in 2010. We started out as a social media services company that helped small clients with content creation and content strategies.







Sustainable Development goals for ApostleApostle

We are a social organization that contributes to the world. We have committed to 3 global goals (SDGs). Good health & wellbeing, partnerships and quality education.

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