Align franchisees to rock social ๐Ÿš€

Maximize your reach, strengthen your brand and increase engagement among employees with the Apostle platform and corresponding strategic methodology. Share authentic and branded content to the social media networks of your employees, company and retailers.

Provide company-approved news, photos, and videos that employees can easily post to their social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The world is constantly changing and digitizing. With Apostle, you keep up with those changes.

Strenghten your (employer)brand

Thousands of companies are competing to grasp your attention with every swipe and scroll you take. Changing algorithms and too corporate content result in decreased visibility on a local level even as with potential employees. Use the power of authentic content straight from the workfloor together with branded content to strengthen your online visibility and brand image on a regional level.

Invest in an untapped communication channel

In many cases, the social media networks of employees, local retailers and partners are an untapped source. Even though content shared by employees generates 561% more reach compared to your corporate channels. By using Apostle, your own employees and retailers contribute to your sales, marketing and recruitment goals by sharing branded and authentic content through their own personal social media channels.

Improve contact with potential customers and employees

Leads developed through employee and partner social marketing convert 7x more than other leads. Enough reason for your recruiters and sales advisors to actively participate on social media. Grow your business with the Apostle platform and gain high quality leads with the help of your own team.

Reaching a higher level step-by-step

Apostle is completely based on the Social Shift methodology: a proven approach to create a social mindset in your organisation and to take full advantage of the power of social media to achieve your company goals.

A clear content strategy is essential: itโ€™s the foundation on which your organisation creates distinctive content and impresses your (potential) employees and customers. Clear and designated roles for your employees ensure participation and more visibility online. The Apostle platforms helps guide you through the Social shift methodology step by step.

Strategic cooperation provides more brand visibility

Communicate via the social media channels of your employees, company and retailers in one single dashboard.

Many companies struggle with finding potential candidates, a lack of content and are searching for new possibilities to strengthen their external communication on a local level. The Apostle platform contributes to the gathering and distribution of content from your organisation. Exploit the enormous networks of your own ambassadors and reach the right target audience with the right message.

  • Reach relevant, potential candidates through the personal networks of your employees;
  • Generate more (online) visibility and therefore more sales on a hyper-local level with the help of your retailers;
  • Strengthen your employer branding with relevant, authentic content gathered from the workplace;
  • Manage all your social media channels through one single dashboard;
  • Involve your employees and retailers and cooperate strategically with all layers of the organisation.

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Grow your business with authentic content

Improve your communication strategy with authentic stories told by real people.

Authentic content straight from the workfloor is key in the Social Shift methodology. This stream of content is gathered and shared within the Apostle platform. Use this personalized content to improve your temporary online social recruitment and lead campaigns. Our customers gain significantly better results by using authentic content. Trust us: stock photos on social media are bad for your brand image.

  • An up-to-date media library full of authentic content at any time.
  • Achieve approximately 2,6 times better results in online campaigns.
  • Shared messages by employees generate 561% more reach in comparison with corporate messages.

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