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SRO partner program for
marketing agencies

Are you a marketing agency offering social media solutions or services to your clients? Partner with Apostle to take your clients social media strategy to the next level: activate their employees as brand ambassadors and boost their online presence.

Join our thriving community of SRO partners

Why partners love working together with Apostle?

Be part of the innovators movement

Be at the very forefront of the new movement that transform the social media market!

Join the SRO community

Gain access to a network of specialized partners, knowledge about SRO strategies, and unique e-learning programs based on proven behavior change tactics to activate brand ambassadors.

New expertise and proposition upsell

Becoming a partner will help you to position yourself as a SRO expert and increase your opportunities for (up)selling.

Add new revenue on a consistent basis

As an implementation partner, you’ll also receive a kickback of 20% per license, as well as gain revenue through our SRO Activation Program. Furthermore, you’ll be a preferred supplier for (potential) customers of Apostle.

What’s in it for your customers?

Increase your client’s online reach without extra costs

Social media algorithms change rapidly, making the reach of companypages very low and online advertisements are becoming increasingly more expensive. Boost their organic reach by activating their employees as brand ambassadors on social media.

Turn your customer into the leader of their industry by being on the front of their online presence

When every stakeholder within and outside of your client’s organization is active on social media, they’re always up-to-date on important news and exciting new projects.

Get higher conversion for your clients

Leads that your client acquires through personal accounts are seven times (!) more likely to convert to customers. The same applies to potential candidates for their recruitment department.

Boost your client's organization's credibility

Research shows that 76% of social media users are more trusting of social media posts from employees, compared to corporate posts. What real people say is much more credible than anything a company shares.

Improve engagement

Authentic content created by your client’s brand ambassadors doesn’t only contribute to a higher online reach, but improves their engagement as well. Get ready to take in those likes, shares, and comments!

This is what partners say about the cooperation with Apostle

“Apostle’s platform is really something we take into account in conversations with new customers when discussing their online strategy. It is a very nice USP.”
“The partnership with Apostle is very pleasant. This is because of the personal approach, but also because we get the feeling that we are working towards the same goal; making our customer successful! We use Apostle as an extra channel and opportunity to reach the target group of our customers.”
“We are very enthusiastic about the partnership with Apostle. Working as one team with our clients, Apostle helps us to do so. Apostle also enables us to showcase more authentic content from clients on their social media.”

Are you a good fit with our partner program?

The Apostle SRO partner program is designed to spread the word about Social Reach Optimization and move towards a new marketing movement in the industry. To do so we need early adopters of marketing agencies all over the world to act as an advisor and take the platform and its methodology into account at strategic sessions with clients. Read our Affiliate Agreement for additional information.

Do you check the boxes to partner up?

Do you give your clients strategic social media advice?
Are you looking for an additional proposition for your clients?
Do you want to be in the forefront of the SRO movement?

In 3 steps towards Apostle SRO partner

Step 1: Become SRO certified

Purchase an Apostle license and complete our SRO coaching program to get you certified in SRO.

Step 2: Help your customers

Become SRO coach yourself or train others within your team to fill this consultancy role. Either way, you’ll be able to implement a pilot of the SRO Activation Program with your customers.

Step 3: Scale-up

A case study about clients' successes with the ambassador program helps convince other customers to start with SRO. Besides, it motivates new and activates existing ambassadors of pilot customers to join.

Frequently asked questions

What does the SRO partner program brings my agency? 

  • A new strategic approach to social media
  • High hourly rates (up to €350) to be declared to your customers
  • Ready-to-go program: pick the components you need
  • More time-efficient workshops
  • 20% kickback from every license sold
  • Upselling your own services
  • Become part of an international community

Blown away by these benefits? Get in touch with our partner manager and we’ll send you the detailed information.

What is my investment to become SRO partner? 

As a partner, you gain access to all elements of the SRO Activation Program. You can choose to include all of these elements in your offer to clients, or simply pick individual elements to include in your existing services. This allows you to accompany new customers in implementing their ambassador program, step-by-step.

  • E-learning for SRO coaches and Social Masters
  • SRO templates to use with your clients
  • SRO checklists to get you started

The Affiliate purchases their own paid license + one-time set-up to use the platform so that employees of the organization become experienced users of the platform. The Affiliate can choose between the Basic license or the Professional license. More information can be found on the pricing page.

What is the time investment as a SRO coach?

This depends on several factors. In our detailed outline of the SRO partner program you’ll find the elaborate information.

I’m offering social media services how do I combine this with being a SRO partner?

As an implementation partner, you can become an SRO coach yourself or train others within your team to fill this consultancy role. Either way, you’ll be able to implement the SRO Activation Program with your customers. You can also offer your agency’s services as manager of your clients’ social media accounts (as a Social Master) or as a content creator who finds the best stories in their organization (as a Social Creator). Contact us to start your partnership with Apostle and learn more about your options.

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