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Your colleagues as a true growth potential!

Apostle has everything marketing-professionals need to transform employees into brand ambassadors and to strengthen your brand on social media.

Continuous flow of new leads;
Online visibility off the charts;
Authentic content media library.
Trusted by +1000 daily users in +12 countries

Generating online reach and leads does not have to be an unpredictable game

Did you know that only 2% of your target audience sees your corporate posts on social media?
Are your social media advertisements underperforming due to impersonal and unoriginal content?
Has there been a decrease in website traffic because of the constant cry for attention by other companies?

With Apostle your search for social media growth hacks stops immediately. Start utilising an untapped growth potential: your own colleagues as social media influencers.

Not getting the best results from your social media activities?

Are you still posting content on your corporate social media channels without a sufficient strategy?
Not interacting with your target audience on social media?
Do your employees feel uncomfortable to post corporate content on their own social media channels?

Other tools are not designed to activate your employees and transform them into social media gurus

You can’t schedule posts for your colleagues with other social media tools. This does not activate brand ambassadors, a missed opportunity!
Stock photos are history. You need authentic stories and content to appeal to your target audience.
Technical support teams of other platforms lack in-depth social media knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

How much longer are you going to struggle with your social media?

Leads generated through the networks of your employees and business partners are 7 times more likely to convert by using Apostle.

Make sure you stand out from competitors on social media

Apostle offers everything you need to transform employees into brand ambassadors for your organisation. It ensures an ongoing presence of your organisation on social media and a continuous flow of new leads.

How does it work?

Step 1. Set your goals

Are you trying to achieve more leads, awareness or visibility? Set goals that fit your marketing strategy!

Step 2. Select your team

Select ambassadors to create authentic content. Determine which colleagues are part of a relevant social network to greatly increase your visibility.

Step 3. Create and schedule content

Rewrite the uploaded content into a professional social media post and schedule it for relevant ambassadors with our desktop app.

Step 4. Activate your team

How do you make sure that all of your colleagues stay engaged? To keep your team enthusiastic, we developed various resources such as gamification, activation sessions, challenges and e-learning courses.

Step 5. Analyse the business impact

Apostle provides smart analytics and reports to determine how Apostle has influenced your marketing goals.

This is what other companies say about Apostle

The engagement within the organisation has increased by implementing the Social shift, which results in enormous amounts of additional likes and views. Sometimes posts were viewed more than 8000x by sharing them through the personal networks of employees. Nowadays, you won’t achieve that with corporate posts anymore!
Bas van Seeters, Digital Marketing Coordinator KTBA
Social became the foundation of our marketing strategy. It accelerated our whole marketing process.
Luuk Slaats, CEO Centralpoint.
Don’t manage your organisation without concrete strategy, engage authentically with your (potential) employees and customers: a necessary condition for every mature organisation. Bring on the Social shift.
Mirjam Giesbers, Director Asset Management Rabobank

These companies use Apostle as a competitive advantage to grow their business. Are you next?

Our customers acquire new leads, increase their online reach and overpower their competitors through social media.

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