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Referral recruitment tool

At Apostle we have a unique referral recruitment tool to recruit new employees in an efficient and personalised way. It is an innovative method with distinctive features for organisations to reach their target group via their personal network. With our referral recruiting tool you can use authentic content and the social media of your organisation.

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Recruit new employees with our unique referral recruitment tool

When you are using our referral recruitment tool, you will have a greater chance of finding suitable candidates. With referral recruiting and brand advocacy you can attract (young) professionals who strengthen your company. Therefore, a positive image of your organisation is essential. It promotes the inflow of new colleagues and stimulates the retention of your existing staff. With our referral recruitment tool, you include vacancies and informative messages in the planning for social media. You share messages on the corporate accounts, but you also engage your internal brand ambassadors.

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The benefits of our referral recruiting tool

By using our unique software, you will experience various benefits. One of the advantages is more applicants and more successful applications. References from employees result in 6.6% more successful applications. In addition, with our referral recruiting tool you ensure a higher involvement among existing employees and the turnover among employees is considerably lower.

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Do you want to attract new employees and are you curious about our referral recruiting tool or do you want to use Social Reach Optimization? Contact our experts today and discover the many possibilities. We will gladly tell you all about our referral recruitment tool. Get in touch by calling +316 27625527 or fill out our contact form. Of course, it is also possible to request a demo to get started yourself and discover our unique platform.
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