Engage - Motivate your ambassadors

Motivate your ambassadors by making use of E-activation

To create real brand ambassadors within your organisation, it’s important to improve the knowledge of your employees through e-learning, focus on behaviour change by means of gamification and share social media posts efficiently with our employee advocacy tool.

The heart of your online presence


An in-house developed e-learning program activates, motivates and inspires your ambassadors and admins to strive for the maximum output on social media. Fully based on our own Social Shift methodology that focusses on personal branding, content creation and suggestions for masters!

Social Shift

The Social Shift methodology is an activity program that transforms employees step through step into real brand ambassadors. By sharing authentic and honest stories on their personal social media accounts, they make a fundamental contribution to your organizational goals.


Use the interactive rankings and self developed challenges to motivate your ambassadors to be more active. This does not only make sharing on social media effective, but makes it fun too!