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YODA Recruitment

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YODA Recruitment is your realistic and strategic recruitment partner. With a lot of experience in the field of online influence and professional advice in recruitment we offer a suitable recruitment strategy for the industry and job market of your organization.

YODA Recruitment

The job market is locked, but your ideal candidate is more accessible than ever. We will reach your candidate in a personal, transparent and practical way!

About Yoda Recruitment

YODA Recruitment is an organization founded by Marieke Dam. With project-, consultancy- and work experience as an interim recruiter in more than 35 companies she knows how to quickly get to the core of an issue and gives realistic and professional advice that fits the industry and job market of your company. With a recruitment question you can always contact YODA recruitment. With core values, such as approachable, personal, integrity, experienced and honest, you will find in YODA the perfect sparring partner in the field of recruitment.  

YODA Recruitment Strategy

YODA Recruitment focuses on strategic recruitment advice and also operates as a recruitment marketing partner. Together we look at your target group, the job market, the organization and its employees. Based on this analysis a strategic, but above all practical plan will be drawn up for the future.

YODA Recruitment Marketing

In the field of recruitment marketing YODA Recruitment is specialized in social advertising, data analysis, SEO, SEA, SRO and works with an ATS that works for your company instead of the other way around. Curious what YODA Recruitment can do for you? Let us inform you, because measuring = knowing.

YODA Recruitment Search

Search as part of your recruitment mix is indispensable. It is one of the few ways to really reach your potential candidates in a personal way. We believe in search as a connecting tool between the organization and potential candidates. Moreover, you learn from your target group by talking to them, which results in the most beautiful collaborations. With searching you show that your organization is present as an employer, which is strong for the employer branding of your organization.

YODA Services:
  • Strategic Recruitment Advice
  • Strategic Recruitment Marketing Advice
  • Recruitment Campaigns
  • Recruitment Searches
  • Interim (Corporate) Recruitment