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We make B2B companies grow super fast through smart growth techniques and useful tools.

Redpanda Works

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After selling their e-commerce business, Jordi and Lucien continued with what they were good at: content marketing. The Content Company, later merged into Contany, had a flying start. After the Blogservice the service package was broadened with all kinds of content forms: website optimization, social media promotion, infographics, e-books, email marketing and much more. Meanwhile, Contany is a renowned player in the creation and promotion of content. Contany now has more than ten regular SEO copywriters and has written 5000+ high quality blogs. In 2017, the platform Hulc was added. This allows websites to be provided with publicity combined with highly valuable backlinks. A modern way of link building. This was the missing link in the service package. Since 2018, we were increasingly getting requests from clients to look from a broader perspective at how we could help companies grow in terms of lead generation and brand awareness. This is how our growth hacking services grew very quickly at the time. In order to be able to focus properly, a new label was established especially for this 'growth mindset': Red Panda Works. Red Panda Works is the newest label. Online marketing with a growth mindset. Our ambition is to become the best growth hacking agency in the Netherlands. We do everything we can to achieve this.