ProSpex is the creative specialist in omnichannel B2B lead generation.


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1043NZ, Amsterdam

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ProSpex is a creative specialist in B2B lead generation. We believe that sales are the result of a relationship. Sufficient trust to decide to do business is created after an average of 7 to 9 relevant contact moments. We develop inventive campaign strategies in which knowledge is shared with the target group step by step. Many of our prospects are looking for alternatives to 'Cold Calling' campaigns. In recent years, we have therefore tested many types of lead generation campaigns. We often use a combination of market research, content marketing, email marketing, telemarketing, social media and marketing automation. The main goal we have in mind here is to bring sales people to the table when the prospect has already warmed up so that the chance of deals being made increases. In addition, we generate a valuable flow of quality leads based on knowledge sharing.