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GotU was released in 2016 by 77Agency, an independent international digital agency for contemporary marketing. GotU is a platform that maps outlets and integrates with user profiles on social networks to offer hyper-targeted and highly efficient ad planning. GotU, headquartered in London with offices in Milan and Los Angeles, is an international team with global reach GotU provides both an answer and a solution to the questions forward-thinking retailers are asking: How many people live near your store? How many of them are likely to be interested in your business? Using Behavior look-alike Facebook algorithms, GotU increases audience by reaching potentially interested users who are near your outlet. Every month they on-board, design, install and optimize over 5,000 Local Facebook Advertising campaigns in 10 countries around the world. Compared to Facebook self-serve, GotU offers a turnkey solution: - Unique campaign models designed for local businesses, - A platform to maximize customer satisfaction and increase automation throughout the customer relationship and campaign lifecycle, - An in-house team of experts, - Delivery of the highest ad creativity standard and the best performing campaigns with noticeable results