What does a strategic partnership mean for you?

As a strategic partner of Apostle, you will have an advisory role towards your clients regarding social media. With Apostle's knowledge, methodology and tools, you will help your customers to take their social media strategy to the next level. You bring these customers in contact with Apostle for the purchase of a licence and you, as a partner, receive a kickback on the licence value. You can take care of the onboarding, organize editorial meetings and give workshops and training sessions yourself. This way you ensure a powerful implementation of Apostle in your customers’ organization. It is not necessary to have your own team in the Apostle platform, although we do recommend this of course ;).

We make sure that you, as a partner, are trained to offer the platform properly to your customers. We provide an onboarding program with e-learning, strategic consultancy and advisory interviews to make sure you have enough experience with the Apostle methodology.

"Our customers that are connected to the Apostle platform achieve on average five times more views. For these customers, it has become an indispensable element in their online presence''
Jordi Bron ~ Red Panda Works

What does a strategic partnership with Apostle look like?

The Apostle software and methodology turns employees, dealers and/or franchisees into brand ambassadors on social media. The user-friendly brand advocacy platform ensures that all corporate and personal social media channels are managed from a single dashboard. In addition, your clients schedule messages for their employees, dealers and franchisees, so they become true brand ambassadors of the organization. Employees approve or edit these messages and post them to their own personal social media channels. Franchisees and dealers often post the suggested message on regional company pages. By doing this, your clients will create additional online visibility and reach on social media in no time.

Apostle's activation program ensures that the platform and methodology are adopted and implemented by an organization. As a strategic partner, you will include the Apostle platform and methodology in the strategic advice towards clients and support its implementation. Interested in becoming a strategic partner or do you want additional information? Please contact one of our partner managers.

So what is the difference between an executive and a strategic partnership?

The partnerships have a different starting point. Executive partners work together with Apostle because they are looking for a useful social media tool to work faster and more effectively for themselves and their clients. Often these partners are marketing agencies or agencies that are looking to improve their client's online visibility - and are already performing various services for them. These services include creating content strategies, running social advertising campaigns and offering content services. For many of our partners, the Apostle platform is a perfect addition to their own proposition.

Strategic partners are often already working for their clients, for example by providing strategic advice. These partners will be more concerned with implementing the Apostle methodology, rather than managing their clients on the platform. In some cases they do take a seat in their client's environment, so that they can stay informed about the progress. This way, they can make adjustments where necessary and, together with their clients, take the strategy to the next level.

An executive partner manages their own team within the Apostle platform and provides content for clients' social media channels. All the social media channels you manage, you can now manage from one central dashboard: easy, fast and efficient.

Do you think both partnerships would suit you? That is also possible! We work with various partners who have both an executive role and think along with customers on a strategic level. In order to combine the advantages of both partnerships we would like to talk to you personally. Together we will look at how we can put together a tailor-made partner package for you.

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