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for marketing agencies

We offer marketing agencies a way to to create an distinctive content strategy and manage all their clients in one dashboard.

Passive income

Optimize your social reach

Social sales, marketing & recruitment

Benefits for marketing agencies

Increase revenue
Create a extra turnover in revenue with kickbacks and additional sales
Apostle's platform enables an effective workflow with your clients and saves time in distributing content
Increase conversion rates
By using authentic content you increase the interaction on every post
Increase social media knowledge level
The unique partner e-learning will turn you into a Social Reach Optimization specialist!
Cost savings for your client
Reach a large and relevant network with brand advocacy and save costs on advertising
Join the Apostle community
Be in direct contact with the Apostle team and all the partners, be the first to hear about release updates and sales material.

How to become a partner

Gain insight into the return-on-investment of the Affiliate Program.

Custom Affiliate Program

We train our partners to generate business with our platform and proven methodology. It is a tailor-made program that is implemented at a high level. Explore the details of the program here!
The program

How does it work?


Partner adds a client by creating a team


Clients get their own environment and can manage it by themself. A partner can become co-manager by adding an extra admin (€50 p.m.)


A clients pays for a subscription. The partner receives a kickback based on the subscription price.


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