What does being a executive partner mean?

As an executive partner, you will manage your clients in our Apostle platform and implement the Apostle methodology in these organizations. We offer you the knowledge and resources needed to make this a success. How does a partnership with Apostle benefit you?

Connect with (new) customers

Become a preferred supplier of Apostle! At Apostle, we receive many assignment requests regarding marketing, social media and recruitment. As a preferred supplier of Apostle we connect your organization to our (new) customers.

One central dashboard

Incorporate the Apostle platform and our methodology to manage the social media channels of your organization and customers in one central dashboard.

Social media training

You can make use of Apostle's knowledge and resources regarding social media. We will train you to be a social media expert!


We notice that customers really like it, they don't have to worry about their social media marketing anymore. We've taken a lot of work off their hands and none of the customers so far have expressed any dissatisfaction or wanting to go back to managing their social media on their own. So it's an additional product that we can offer to customers and Apostle is really something that we can now include in conversations with new customers about online strategy.''
Lizette Overman ~ Arthur & Brent

What does an executive partnership with Apostle look like?

An executive partner gets its own Apostle license and follows the onboarding program with all employees involved, including e-learning. You will gain all the knowledge you need to implement the Apostle platform and its methodology into your own organization and those of your clients.

Do you currently manage clients' corporate social media pages and are you looking for a time-saving way to work on authentic social media content together with your clients? That's possible with Apostle. Your client creates an account in the Apostle environment, downloads the app and can then share the content, that you as administrator prepare for them, on the organization's corporate social media channels only with one click
As an executive partner, you can categorize your clients into groups within the platform to keep an overview. For each client you will draw up a content strategy, to which you can link all the content you create for them.
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Are you still looking for a nice picture for a social media post or do you need inspiration from your client? Send them a request via the platform to provide input. The client can send in a photo or video directly from the app. This content arrives in your management environment, after which you transform it into a professional social media message. You can then immediately present this content to customers. They only have to approve and can then easily share it on their corporate social media pages via the app.

So what is the difference between an executive and a strategic partnership?

The partnerships have a different starting point. Executive partners work together with Apostle because they are looking for a useful social media tool to work faster and more effectively for themselves and their clients. Often these partners are marketing agencies or agencies that are looking to improve their client's online visibility - and are already performing various services for them. These services include creating content strategies, running social advertising campaigns and offering content services. For many of our partners, the Apostle platform is a perfect addition to their own proposition.

Strategic partners are often already working for their clients, for example by providing strategic advice. These partners will be more concerned with implementing the Apostle methodology, rather than managing their clients on the platform. In some cases they do take a seat in their client's environment, so that they can stay informed about the progress. This way, they can make adjustments where necessary and, together with their clients, take the strategy to the next level.

An executive partner manages their own team within the Apostle platform and provides content for clients' social media channels. All the social media channels you manage, you can now manage from one central dashboard: easy, fast and efficient.

Do you think both partnerships would suit you? That is also possible! We work with various partners who have both an executive role and think along with customers on a strategic level. In order to combine the advantages of both partnerships we would like to talk to you personally. Together we will look at how we can put together a tailor-made partner package for you.

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