Remote selling using LinkedIn [English]

Do you already have solid plans for your sales strategy next year? Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the sales landscape has changed dramatically. Meeting face-to-face is not a standard procedure anymore. Meaning in the coming future remote selling will be key.

A lot of salespeople won’t be comfortable with remote selling in the first place. It is in their nature to sell their products and services during face-to-face interactions with customers. But online remote selling could be just as and even more effective for your sales strategy.

How could you adjust online remote selling efficiently in your sales strategy? And how do you use social media to effectively strengthen your marketing, and salesforce to generate new leads?

During this free webinar on the 3rd of December, Richard van der Blom, Social Selling & LinkedIn expert, together with Guus van de Mond, Partner at Apostle, will explain why remote selling is key in this climate. They will also elaborate on which possibilities LinkedIn facilitates to implement remote selling efficiently in your organization. Moreover, they will shed light on their experiences with social media as a lead generator and how your employees could be of use by sharing authentic content to expand the reach of your messages.

Watch the replay of the webinar here: