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Over Van den Udenhout

Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT, ŠKODA and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Lease, insurance, e-bikes and many more. The marketeers at one-stop-shop Van den Udenhout have a lot of stories to tell. With different target groups, through various channels and expressions. And with a clear goal: visibility, interaction and ultimately (after)sales.


Er ligt dus een mooie klus voor marketeer Oscar van Geffen en zijn collega’s. Een uitdaging die ze ruim een jaar geleden nog wat groter zagen worden. “Eerst merkten we dat de algoritmes van de social-mediaplatformen – zeker die van LinkedIn – het bereik van corporate accounts beperkten”, steekt Oscar van wal.

“En even later werden ook de showrooms minder bezocht door corona… Gelukkig vielen deze ontwikkelingen samen met de introductie van Apostle. Zo konden we toch zichtbaar blijven!”

Gas up

During the first meeting Oscar was immediately convinced. He was pleasantly surprised by the possibilities of the Apostle tool and by the principle of 'brand ambassadorship'. "Gas up and see what it brings us: that was my reaction," says Oscar. "Immediately afterwards, we defined a clear content strategy together with Apostle, in which every brand and service is covered.

The next step was the onboarding of the employees. After all, the many stories had to be told through their personal social media accounts. The power of this approach: a message immediately lands in the right network, because a lease consultant in, for example, 's-Hertogenbosch has many business connections from the same city. Moreover, personal accounts are not squeezed like the corporate accounts.

Keep going strong

A strategic plan? Check. 80 linked employees? Done. From this moment on it was up to Oscar and his colleague Erika Massuger to provide the well-known oil slick or as the project and CRM marketer himself says: gas up. "From that moment, the employees who have participated have been presented with an average of one or two posts a week via the Apostle tool," he explains. "About 60 of them have posts appear in their timeline on a regular basis. And that only takes a few clicks. Pure convenience and great online reach."

For Oscar and Erika, it's a bit different in terms of convenience, as they have a lot of content to create. "But that's a lot easier now," says Oscar. "Previously, we would send some proposals by email to our commercial director, for example, so he could distribute them to the salespeople. Very cumbersome and often not effective. Now the time we put in is definitely paid off."

Reach of millions

Whether their network actually moves from the timeline to the showroom is difficult to determine; after all, many more factors play a role in the decision-making process. But what is certain is that Van den Udenhout is seen a lot, because statistics show that the car company has a reach of millions via all its networks.

"We have proof that it works," says Oscar. "For example, customers referred to our social media activities in the Audi showroom in Eindhoven. It's impossible to express in euros how much it yields, but that it brings us something is clear."

From commercial to story

The fact that after a rough start due to corona, things are now running smoothly. But Oscar and Erika had more wishes. "We want to boost the number of proposed messages that employees approve. To stimulate this, we make a survey of everyone, rewarding the most active 'go-getters'. Just with something sympathetic, like a chocolate bar."

"Also, we would like to receive more content from the employees themselves," Oscar concludes. "About what's going on in the showroom, for example. Then we can put a nice touch on our stories, moving a bit more from commercial to story. We call on our people to do this in a smooth vlog. Of course, we also make it as easy as possible for them. This means: throw pictures and a few keywords into the group, and... gas up!"

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