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The Apostle platform is based on a proven methodology. The technique and our brand activation managers help organizations with a distinctive content strategy. In 5 steps towards a mature social media strategy.

Introduction video

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Main features

Maximize your reach on social media with the smartest suggestions for your clients.

Content strategy

Many organizations don't have a solid content strategy. As a result, social media channels are often maintained without a plan. Our brand activation managers will help you build a structure for social activity of your organization

Schedule business posts

Instantly connect your business pages and schedule posts for Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Save hours of time and manage all your social activities within one simple dashboard.

Add company pages

Add all your company pages to schedule posts on all social channels in one click!
This saves you a lot of time. For brands with a dealer network and franchise organizations, the pages of all your dealers can be linked. Our activation managers will help you set up a way to activate all your dealer channels.

Recruit brand ambassadors

To use the power of the platform you can add personal profiles as an extra channel. We will help you recruit brand ambassadors so you can focus on your own work. Brand ambassadors can be colleagues, partners, members and others. We advise to start small with a pilot and scale up when successful!

Content planning

Create a post and schedule on various company- and personal channels. You can schedule this post in different variations for ambassadors and groups. A smart algorithm allows you to propose posts at different times through the app or mail

Share posts

Your brand ambassadors can share a suggested post through the mobile app or mail with 1 click. Everyone can edit a suggested post to ensure ambassadors can put their own input in a post. As a result, your network on LinkedIn notice the post as personal and authentic.

Collect suggestions from the organization

Other than just share corporate content, ambassadors are also stimulated to make and collect content from the workplace through the app. Our content managers will make sure this content will be suggested to the relevant ambassadors.

Inspiration wall

Are you always looking for good content of your organization? In the inspiration wall, everyone can share authentic and corporate content. With one click, brand ambassadors can share a post from the inspiration wall on their personal channels


How do I activate my colleagues so they start sharing posts about the organization on social media? This is a frequently asked question. With the activation techniques in the Apostle platform, you become visible in a large social media network via personal profiles. Gamefication, refferrals, e-learning and notifications are some of the functionalities of the activation module.


Gain insights about the activities of your brand ambassadors and the interactions on your company pages. By using utm codes you can see how often people clicked on the posts that were shared through the Apostle platform. If you want to dive deeper into all statistics, than the Power BI and Google Datastudio integration is the solution for you.

Main benefits

Ready to go
Simply invite your colleagues and start sharing.
Personal & corporate accounts
Share to corporate and personal accounts in one dashboard.
White label
Maintain your corporate identity with our white label app.
Mobile app
Our mobile app is available for iOS and Android.
Apostle integrates seamlessly with 20+ tools.
Top security
Don’t worry about privacy, Apostle is fully GDPR compliant.

Next level engagement

Start now with brand ambassadors and experience the true power of social media.