How It Works

Discover how you can transform your team into brand ambassadors in five simple steps with our software.

Define your goals

Would you like more leads, applicants or visibility? Define the goals that fit your organization

Step 2: Select a team

Select specific ambassadors to create authentic content for you. Think about who you would like to involve in this process. Make sure to have a diverse set of people to become your ambassadors, this way you ensure that you get different kinds of content but also reach different social networks.

Step 3

Your team sends in authentic stories through the Apostle app. This can be anything, from pictures to videos to stories.

Your team admin will be notified that a new story has been submitted and turn it into a professional, good-looking post. The message is then scheduled for relevant colleagues.

Your colleagues will receive a notification from Apostle and can choose from 2 options: share the message immediately with their personal network on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and / or Twitter. Or they personalize the message first, so that the story really suits them and their personal network.

The social media post is a fact! The message has been shared in the personal network of your colleagues. Bring on those new leads, applicants and the extra online reach.

Stap 4. Make use of your team

How do you ensure that your colleagues stay active and involved in the process? To make and keep your team super enthusiastic, we have created several tools. From gamification in the app, activation sessions with our experts to diverse challenges and e-learnings.

Step 5: Analyze your business impact

Analyze the results of your team within the tool. Discover who has sent in the most content, how often messages have been shared and what the online reach has been. Involve your marketing, sales and HR team to measure and identify new sales opportunities, whilst also reviewing the amount of new applicants.

Get your Apostle app up and running in no time!

You don't have to do it alone!

Apostle is more than just a tool. Our team of specialists has more than 10 years of experience in implementing successful ambassador programs. Let’s intrigue and enthuse your employees, so you can get the most out of our tool in no time.