How it works

Activate your team to become true brand ambassadors on social media in these 5 steps.

Step 1. Select your goal

Aiming for more leads, applicants or visibility? Determine the goals that fit your organization.

Step 2. Assemble your team

Invite your employees to Apostle. Who will become your best ambassadors? Users receive and share ready-made content suggestions about your company. Empower your employees by additionally letting them upload suggestions straight from the workfloor to your marketing team.

Step 3. Create social content

Team members receive suggestions for social media posts via email and via the app. Users remain in full control and decide which suggestions to post on their personal accounts.

Personalize the posts by using our editing feature and create a continuous flow of unique content with maximum reach!

Step 4. Keep employees engaged

Drive employee engagement by using our full-suite gamification and engagement features. Apostle users win points for their activity on the platform. Educate them with training from our experts, online challenges and e-learning.

Step 5. Analytics and performance tracking

Gain access to in-depth user engagement, content performance, and social media reach statistics. Track your team’s performance on the leaderboard and appreciate their accomplishments.

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