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Vivent: 0.5 million reach and strengthened image through consistent online visibility

At Vivent there were two needs: management had the feeling that they had "something" to do with social media and also the need to get a better image for the outside world.


“Healthcare has a bad image. Too little money, too much bureaucracy, too much work pressure, you know it. As a result, most people do not see what wonderful things are happening here. One of our most important communication challenges is therefore to change that image”, says Tanja van Oosten, responsible for social media at Vivent. It was therefore time for a well-organized Social shift.


A group of 10 Vivent employees - from all levels of the organization - regularly shared messages about their work through their own social media channels with guidance from Apostle. The main question was: what makes you smile? “I believe in sincere, authentic communication that comes from the heart. As a communication department you may want to take care of that yourself, but who can give a better picture of healthcare than the employees themselves?”


“With these unique stories from the employees, we now show that healthcare is so much more than just 'washing buttocks' and that can only be done by letting them share their experiences,” says Tanja. Vivent has worked with Apostle on a strong image in healthcare, which is noticeable in practice: there is much more awareness about the activities of the various Vivent locations, which has resulted in spontaneous collaborations. Moreover, there is more appreciation for the work of the employees by both colleagues and external parties such as clients, friends and family, and there is a lower outflow because employees are again proud of Vivent as an organization.

Vivent is an expert in providing healthcare for both young and older people with psychogeriatric problems, non-congenital brain damage, rehabilitation and complex physical disorders in the area around 's-Hertogenbosch.
Company size:
1.500 employees and more than 800 volunteers
Rosmalen, the Netherlands
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