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Shimano experienced a tremendous growth in online reach in Europe by using Apostle

In 2017, Shimano was struggling to gain controle over the online brand communications of their retailers. They engaged Apostle to get structure in their online brand messages on the social media channels of their retailers.Retailers, the eyes and ears of the organisation in terms of customers, got the opportunity to share the knowledge of Shimano on a hyperlocal level, using ready-made social media posts. Due to this collaboration, Shimano has experienced a tremendous growth online at an international level.

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Started a pilot onboarding 20 Dutch Shimano dealers
Expanded to 330+ dealers active for Shimano Internationally
Hyperlocal success by using Apostle
2.928.750 Total online reach internationally

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Shimano is a Japanese metal processing company that specialises in development, production and distribution of bicycle components, fishing tackle and rowing equipment.
bicycle components, fishing tackle and rowing equipment
Company size:
+12.000 employees
Sakai, Japan; Eindhoven, the Netherlands
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