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Centralpoint: "By using Apostle we are top of mind early in the customer journey of our potential clients"

Centralpoint is increasingly becoming a key-player and thought leader within the field of knowledge. And social media is their starting point in doing so. Luuk Slaats, managing director at Centralpoint, stresses: the customer journey these days takes place on the internet. Not the entire experience is online, but most certainly the start is. This made perfectly clear to him and his marketeers that online is “the place to be”. Together with Apostle, the marketing department formed a project team that developed a strategic marketing plan. With the help of the all-in-one platform of Apostle, Centralpoint’s ambassador can easily share ready made social media posts about our organization and its culture via multiple social media channels. “Social truly became the foundation of our marketing. It accelerated our entire marketing process,” according to Luuk Slaats. “You need to take marketing seriously. You need to embed social media into the organization and secure your processes. You’ll only achieve the best results if you use an integrated approach.” Slaats emphasizes. “The idea that ‘all’ employees can create content and can communicate on behalf of the company truly fits our organization. We are a very accessible team, in which our employees have a lot of freedom and responsibilities. Regardless, we needed to make an influential change in all layers of our organization. Now, all of our employees are used to the idea of their ambassadorship and everything matches up. Our ambassadors are more engaged than ever before. Therefore, we are becoming top of mind early in the customer journey of our potential clients. And this is only the beginning just yet. Believe me if I say: IT and social media will play an even bigger role in defining our society in the future. Cool that we are involved in it now.”


134 Ambassadors
2.300 Sent messages (NL)
1.722.750 Estimated total reach
Centralpoint is top-of-mind in de customer journey

Centralpoint, the biggest IT-reseller in the Netherlands and Belgium, gives brand independent advice about comprehensive IT-solutions for companies.
Computers & electronics
Company size:
501-1000 Employees
Nijmegen & Amstelveen, the Netherlands; Aarschot, Belgium
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