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Partner Red Panda Works about their collaboration with Apostle

Red Panda Works recommends Apostle to customers that are wanting employees to post company-related news.


As a growth hacking agency, Red Panda Works, advises on the usage of social media. Especially for the B2B industry, it is essential that employees post about their employers on their personal social media profiles.

According to founder Jordi Bron: "We see that on LinkedIn especially the number of views with corporate accounts and pages is minimal. With personal profiles such as those from employees, the reach is quickly 5 to 10 times higher. But all of our customers struggle with motivating employees to post.”


Red Panda Works first creates a Growth Plan for B2B customers. In this, the strategy is outlined and includes various tools. Apostle is standard in the package when social media is essential.

"We help customers set up Apostle. We usually start with a small pilot group. If this goes well, which it usually does, then we connect all employees so that everyone gets suggestions and we make maximum use of social media." - Jordi Bron

Apostle offers extensive guidance for resellers so that the sales process runs as smoothly as possible. The knowledge gained from other resellers is easily shared in several sessions so you, as a reseller, know exactly what works.


"Customers who are connected to Apostle achieve an average of 5 times more views with us. For these customers, it has become an indispensable element in the online presence. Not only awareness and authority are set goals, but more and more customers are also using Apostle for employer branding and recruitment."

“With Red Panda we help companies grow faster. We do this through a broad approach to marketing, sales and process optimization.”
Marketing & Advertising
Company size:
11 - 50 employees
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
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