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KTBA: “Likes are sky high, the views are sky-rocketing, we see that some messages have been viewed more than 8000 times!”

KTBA stands for quality, training, guidance for reliable business, a service provider in the food industry that helps organizations to ensure continuity (kwaliteit, training, begeleiding voor bedrijfszeker ondernemen). Together with 220+ specialists, KTBA started the Social shift process 1,5 years ago led by marketeer Bas van Seeters.


"For KTBA, the Social shift is a way to motivate employees to share their knowledge and facilitate the different possibilities to share this," says van Seeters. The specialists at KTBA are mainly consultants, know everything about their area of expertise, but are of course not marketers. That is why the Social shift was implemented in steps in the company: it started with sharing corporate messages and later employees started submitting their own content.


KTBA started the process by coming up with a good story, creating a baseline, also known as the content strategy. By determining the strategy and having the management explain why they entered into this process, it became possible to make the organization more visible to the end user. "We did this through sharing authentic content and appearance, but also by doing so in a trusted and reliable way. And what better way to do this by sharing this content on the platforms of a specialist?".


About half of KTBA’s employees (110 employees) are connected to the app. “Especially when you work with people, you also have to show your organization in a different way”, according to van Seeters. Despite the increased involvement in the organization, submitting content is still focused on quantity: employees must recognize which moments are worth sharing. According to van Seeters, this is already paying off a lot: “The likes are sky high, the views are sky-rocketing, we see that some messages have been viewed more than 8000 times. You cannot achieve this with corporate pages!”

KTBA is a service provider in the food industry that offers quality, training and guidance for reliable entrepreneurship and helps to guarantee the continuity of organizations.
Business services
Company size:
+220 employees
Kaatsheuvel, the Netherlands; operate internationally as well
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