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Floaten Zwolle: 47 unique registrations resulted directly in a higher a turnover in COVID-19 times.

Floaten en Zoutkamer Zwolle enlisted Apostle’s help in a time of crisis. Together with Apostle they worked on getting a bigger online reach, increasing turnover as a result.


To halt the declining bookings during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ger van de Put (co-owner Floaten and Zoutkamer Zwolle) called in the help of Apostle right on time. More online reach was needed to bring Floaten to the attention of a new audience.


To reach a larger audience the usage of paid media has been very important. Apostle offers targeted social media campaigns to get more leads within the preferred target audience. Under the guidance of experienced campaign managers, an advertising campaign is set up on different social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. In addition to the regular organic posts, targeted advertisements are also used. Potential customers can easily register for an appointment here, in the case of Floaten Zwolle, a temporary introductory offer for new customers was advertised.


During the campaign, 47 unique people registered to make an appointment at the Float Center. “Registrations from the social media campaign came in almost every single day”, Ger van de Put stated during the campaign. Customers can be approached in a more targeted manner, which means that an appointment can be made faster, according to Ger. In addition, lots of interactions came in on social media, which meant that Floaten en Zoutkamer Zwolle gained extra attention.

Floaten & Zoutkamer Zwolle is one of the first (medical) floating centers in the Netherlands. After starting in Heerde in 2013, their location in Zwolle focuses on floating, halotherapy and massages: a total package for mental and physical relaxation.
Company size:
<10 employees
Zwolle, The Netherlands
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