Success stories

CMO: 31,000 unique store visits thanks to social media campaigns with authentic content

Centrummanagement Oss (CMO) started an experiment together with Apostle to increase their online visibility and turnover of their inner-city retailers. With great success!


In every larger city center there is an abundance of more well-known chains, but a smaller city center is unique and gets its charm from the local middle class. Yet, many consumers are insufficiently aware of the range that these retailers have to offer. By making strategic use of social media, these stores can still reach new customers, which can increase turnover.


To further investigate this approach, Centrummanagement Oss developed a plan with Apostle to increase the online visibility of retailers. The retailers were assisted in setting up a social media campaign. 43 videos of approximately one minute were made with various retailers in Oss, in which the entrepreneurs praised their store briefly and to the point.


These videos were shared through social media campaigns and reached approximately 50,000 unique people. In addition to the video campaigns, two special discount campaigns were shared via social media, namely from a bed shop and a cooking and gift shop. In two weeks, 22 people took advantage of the cooking and gift shop offer, with an average order value of €65,-. The campaign for the bed shop resulted in 20 new customers as a direct result of the promotion, with an average of €1100,- per customer spent.

The numbers above show that you can reach a lot of people with paid advertisements on social media in combination with a unique story, which in turn has a positive influence on your turnover.

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