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Boost your social marketing with brand advocacy

Empoweryour ambassadors with our brand advocacy software to spread company news ontheir personal social media accounts.

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What is brand advocacy?

Our brand advocacy tool activates brand ambassadors and social influencers to share posts about your brand on social media. With our brand advocacy software, you can increase your network and organic reach and the customer engagement will grow. Brand advocate is used for social selling and employer branding.

About the Apostle platform

Apostle is a platform to activate employees, dealers and franchisees on social media. The brand advocacy software offers solutions for social selling, social marketing and social recruitment. Through the online environment you manage the company pages and personal accounts in all departments of your organization. Our brand activation managers implement the brand advocacy tool with an activation software that has proven itself in various markets and different countries.
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More than just a brand advocacy tool

Corporate channels are losing effectiveness, but personal social media channels are gaining power. Generate more online reach by using the accounts of employees, relations and members.

Streamline communication

Withstreamlined communication via Apostle and brand advocate you ensure that allsocial media posts are consistent and that the content is always of highquality. We can help you create an effective communication strategy.

Get ahead of your competition

Our in-house developed brand advocacy software helps activate your ambassadors in no time. Experience the true power of social media. With brand advocate, you can easily and quickly reach new employees via social media.

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Do you want to use our distinctive features and post authentic content on social media? Then use our brand advocacy software and discover the many possibilities. Request a demo and get started right away. Would you first like some more information about our working methods or about the possibilities of our software? Call us at +31627625527 or fill in our contact form for more information. Our experts are ready to assist you!
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