From timeline to showroom

Car brands, lease, insurance, e-bikes and so on. Marketers in the automotive industry have a lot of stories to tell. With different target groups, on all kinds of channels and with different expressions. And with one clear goal: sales.

Wereldwijd vertrouwd door meer dan 1000 mkb- en enterprise bedrijven.

Gas up

A strong content strategy determines when each brand and each service is discussed online. This basis provides structure for all social media activities. Use the networks of your colleagues to boost your reach even more.

Reach millions

Use your employees and relations to attract new customers from your online timelines to the showroom. It promotes the purchasing behavior of customers in your network and encourages new contacts to get in touch. Increase conversions by using personal photos and videos in your posts and by sharing knowledge through your employees. The result? Millions of hits!

Pure convenience and more reach

Collaborate by involving a number of colleagues per team. They upload photos and videos straight from the workplace through our mobile app. A social media manager edits the uploaded content into professional social media posts and distributes it on the business channels and the personal profiles of the relevant brand ambassadors of the organization. For sales employees, Apostle is a great tool to stay visible, share knowledge and interact with their target group.

From commerce to story

Spread stories by sharing fun authentic social media posts. Not only commercial messages, but also vacancies and informative messages are included in your social media planning resulting in an increased amount of views. Expand your reach by sharing these stories on both corporate channels and personal accounts of employees.

How do you accomplish that?

With Apostle's Brand advocacy program we activate teams in 7 steps. This is done in small steps and in a safe environment so that no extra work pressure is experienced. By working with small roles in combination with technology, the method has been successful in the automotive industry for years.
Boost your reach
Posts shared by employees generate 561% more reach compared to corporate posts.
User generated content
Click rates are 2.6x higher when using authentic content in online campaigns.
New leads
New clients decide to contact you after seeing 3 to 5 posts on average. 
More clients
Leads through brand ambassadors are 7x more likely to convert.
Employee retention is 18% higher for companies with involved employees.

One platform, all you need.

Take your social media marketing to the next level with Apostle. Discover our powerful features and harness the true power of your employees’ voices on social media.

Ready to go
Just create your team and you are ready to launch.
Invite your colleagues and experience the true power of personal accounts.
Apostle is...
Easy to use
Fast and scalable
Clean and modern
GDPR compliant
Content management
Plan, schedule and monitor all of your social media activities in one dashboard. Use our content calendar for a clear overview of your monthly content planning.
Activation program
Our brand activators and partners will guide your team through the onboarding process which includes e-learning and gamefication. Together we’ll create a content strategy and set up the platform.
Reporting & insights
Gain access to in-depth user engagement, content performance, and social media reach statistics. Track your team’s performance on the leaderboard and appreciate their accomplishments.
Top security
Don't worry about privacy or GDPR compliance. Apostle will protect you with enterprise-grade security. Always.
Apostle integrates seamlessly with different tools. Use integrations for apps such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Power BI, Wordpress, Bitly and many more.
Artificial intelligence
(coming soon)
Worried that your brand ambassadors all share the same posts? Don’t be. Our AI-powered algorithms automatically create different variations of posts for each individual. 
White label
Increase your brand ambassadors’ engagement with your own company branded state-of-the-art mobile application. 

Next level engagement

Start now with brand ambassadors and experience the true power of social media.