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Nicole Verstraten
January 17, 2023

Tips to ensure your content stays relevant

It can be a real challenge to generate a consistent flow of content. The best approach is to mix it up rather than relying on a sole source, such as corporate news. A combination of planned content and quick reactions to news and trends will ensure that you have enough quality material to keep your followers engaged. 

Creating authentic content is expensive to outsource and may take up a lot of your time. Apostle offers some new features within the platform that help you to plan and execute your content opportunities with ease. 

Schedule content for upcoming events

As soon as you hear about a relevant event, launch, or report, you can set a reminder in Apostle’s content calendar. You could also check for relevant events in forward planning calendars such as Awareness Days and Forward Planner that list campaigns, annual events, and celebrations. 

Let your social media ambassadors know that your company is looking for relevant stories to feature on these days.

Gather authentic content from employees

Maintaining a constant flow of authentic content isn’t always easy. Your social media ambassadors working in the field are your most reliable source of original content.  

As they perform their typical roles, they’re keeping in touch with the latest events and developments in your sector. You can train them to spot content opportunities as they happen. Many actions and processes that seem unremarkable to them could form the perfect narrative to demonstrate how your company operates and interacts with clients.

Encourage your ambassadors to snap away - with permission, of course! - and send over a description of what’s happening. As soon as a piece is ready, it can be uploaded via the Content Uploader.

Build engagement with gamification

Does your ambassador program need a kickstart? Use our Gamification feature. Active participants will receive points for every contribution, for which you can set your own incentives.

To really amp up the challenge, why not get your senior team on board for the first round? There's nothing like a bit of friendly competition! 😉 It’s a great way to embed Apostle in all levels in your company and keep the momentum going.

Find your inspiration

Stuck for ideas? Use the Inspiration Wall. This is where you can add RSS feeds, follow hashtags, and see an overview of everything that your team and social media ambassadors have uploaded. 

Meet with your social media ambassadors regularly to discuss new items to add to the inspiration wall, and keep them up to date with new dates in the calendar that they should be planning to contribute to.

Let AI help your content work harder

Give your followers more than one chance to view a story - we all accidentally scroll past posts that would interest us.

Our AI tool lets you create different versions of each post to switch things up each time. Or, you could simply use different posts on different channels. You could get a potential four or five additional posts for each piece of approved content, filling up your calendar and increasing your reach. 

Wherever you work, your people are your greatest asset. It’s time to give them the spotlight and the power to create stories that help you connect with your customers.

Schedule a discovery call with expert Koen Jordaans to discuss the options within your organization!

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