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Stefan Kapteijns
July 8, 2022

The way to increase your organic reach on social media

The way to increase your organic reach on social media

As a marketer you invest a lot of time in creating good content. The pressure from the sales department is increasing because they are looking for new leads. But... you don't have enough budget to buy expensive social media ads to run successful campaigns. On the other hand, you see the organic social media reach of your company pages is decreasing more and more. Recognizable? Don’t worry. We have the solution for your problem!

Brand ambassadors: the new gold

Social media platforms are making it increasingly more difficult to generate reach with content on company pages. On one hand, they want you as an organization to purchase advertising space. On the other hand, they want to prevent the timelines from becoming filled with company content. As a marketer, you therefore have to look for alternative ways to market your content. Here you can think of utilizing the social media accounts of your employees to distribute content. They are in the middle of the target group and together they reach so much more people than just your company pages.

The calculation is simple. You have one company page on LinkedIn and you also have the 50 channels of your employees at your disposal! On average, employees have about 750 connections, so imagine the profit. LinkedIn's algorithms also ensure that posts from employees are shown a lot in the timelines. Research has shown that messages distributed through employees increase reach by up to 561%. So definitely worth it. Read more about this research in the PDF down below!

We call employees who actively promote their organization, on their own social media accounts, brand ambassadors. Because let's be honest, who better to tell the story of your organization than your own employees? As a marketer you have a facilitating role in this and you provide your ambassadors with the right content. That one former colleague, former fellow student or acquaintance can just become your new lead, customer or potential employee. You not only reach a new target group, but also a more relevant target group.

Authenticity pays off

The profit is not only in the extra reach you create. The credibility and authenticity of your organization also gets a big boost. Nowadays people no longer are interested in mere logos, but are interested in the people behind the logo. The engagement numbers of authentic posts from brand ambassadors crush the numbers of company page posts. By creating a lot of engagement, your posts also reach the second- and third-degree networks of your brand ambassadors.

Employees often see their own work as normal and see no added value in sharing their company content, while they can make a huge impact. Your role as a marketer is to convince them to be more active online. An ambassador program is perfect to give your employer branding, social selling and brand awareness a huge boost. And that without expensive advertisements but with the content you already have.

But how?

But how do I get all my employees to share my content? Simply sending an email asking them to share a post on social media is not a recipe for success. Apostle has developed a smart tool and activation program that helps you set up a successful brand ambassador program.

If you utilize and convince your employees to share interesting and authentic content about your organization, we promise that your social media results and engagement figures will go sky high. Combine that with the right tooling and achieve guaranteed success!

Curious about the added value of brand ambassadors for your organization? Contact one of our experts. We help you on your way without obligation!

Employee Advocacy Research Report

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