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Nicole Verstraten
August 11, 2023

SRO program: the Social Master

The Social Master acts as the project manager for your SRO program. This important role has overall admin control for your program, and creates and schedules all social media posts for your Social Ambassadors to share. There will be additional responsibility during the implementation phase to ensure that the other members of the team have whatever they need in order to complete their work. They will also configure the tool’s settings in the correct way to support the needs of your organization, and set up the content strategy elements of the tool.

Examples of these settings are: 

  • Logo, team name, corporate colors 
  • Connecting the business pages
  • Sending invitations to team members
  • Structuring groups in the platform, such as departments
  • Defining which channels ambassadors should use to share posts (including a default to selected platforms)
  • Scheduling posts and setting parameters, such as excluding weekends, or posting during work hours only.
  • Managing settings on post notifications via app and email.

Due to the varied skills needed for the role, many companies decide that this role is best fulfilled by their communications, social media or marketing manager or another member of staff with a good overview of what is happening in the organization. In larger organizations, it’s likely that this role will need to be split between two or more members of staff.

In addition to the coordination of work, the Social Master will need to take responsibility for disseminating content to the rest of the ambassador team. This ensures consistency and a smooth rollout for the defined content strategy, and that content has been reviewed for suitability by someone with expertise in communications and reputation management.The Social Master can even add the content strategy to our Apostle platform. That means that it won’t just be another Excel file on their online drive, but a real strategy that is always used while creating content in Apostle. Then, add content pillars, topics and goals to structure and consolidate your content strategy. 

Once content has been curated and assessed, the stories are distributed to ambassadors for posting to their social media channels. The Social Master will also assist the Social Activators in activating their colleagues to contribute and share their stories. 

Download the list of the specific tasks of a Social Master here. 

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