Social Reach Optimization
Nicole Verstraten
August 11, 2023

SRO program: the Social Creator

Next, let’s find out what it takes to become your company’s Social Creator. 

This is a fun role where you’ll take responsibility for creating and gathering the authentic content from your colleagues that brings your company’s products and services to life. As a Social Creator, you will be confident in using social media and creating content. As you move around the office, work with clients and travel to events, you might find yourself creating videos and images that showcase the daily activities you and your colleagues are taking part in.

Through the evolution of social media, authentic storytelling has replaced generic corporate content. The most successful companies in the digital world shine a light on real people doing real work. This approach has also emerged as the most efficient way to communicate your company’s values and social commitment, both of which are a deal breaker for younger generations as they choose who to support and who to work for. 

Your Social Creator, therefore, supports your company’s brand perception and helps it to claim authority and expertise in your sector. They scout for the best content in your company, bring it to life with compelling words and visual content, then share it with the Social Master - who will whip up a snappy post -  and the rest of their network. Watching engagement increase and receiving feedback from your followers is one of the most rewarding parts of this role.

It’s important to note that no one should be obliged to post any content, everything should be optional. Don’t worry that embarking on a quest to build your company’s social reach will overwhelm staff - it shouldn’t take up more than 5 minutes per day. We think the powerful results you’ll see are definitely worth it and you'll soon be naturally slotting it in between emails and phone calls.

Aside from improved company perception, social reach can help teams achieve results in other areas such as recruitment, stakeholder communication and expanding networks.

The starting point for any Social Creator is to find great stories. 

Schedule a discovery call with expert Koen Jordaans to discuss the options within your organization!

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