Social Reach Optimization
Nicole Verstraten
August 22, 2023

SRO program: the Social Ambassador

Social Ambassadors are arguably the most important part of the Social Reach Optimization team. They’re the final step in bringing the stories that have been gathered, curated and visualized to life. And the great news is, it’s also a role that can be completed with just a few clicks.

Their task is to share uplifting stories from themselves and colleagues on their own social media profiles. These stories will come straight from the work floor or out in the field, or the ambassador could post a typical or extraordinary event in their own workday. Through this, their networks get a deeper understanding of your company’s principles and find out what is really behind your company brand.

Social Ambassadors receive content on a regular basis from the Social Master, and they are able to choose which items they think will best resonate with their followers. There’s no pressure or obligation: each Social Ambassador always retains editorial control over their channels.

Sometimes there may be a little reluctance to share content about your company on their personal social media accounts. This is natural if it is something that the person hasn’t done in the past. There are lots of great reasons to get involved in Social Reach Optimization that benefit both your company and the Social Ambassador.

One of the most valuable reasons is to convey a sense of pride in their work and role within the company. Communicating positive stories from your organization to their networks also displays personal pride and professionalism.

Continuing from the personal perspective, it’s important for everyone to build a great personal brand. If Social Ambassadors create the right profile on social media it will display their authority and expertise and show their network what actually happens at your company. Everyone wants to see inspiring stories and connect with people who show enthusiasm, the ability to communicate effectively and an understanding of how every individual’s work contributes to business success.

Of course, a widespread understanding of your company and its values has a lasting, positive impact on recruitment. Right now, everyone wants to be part of something they can feel proud of, whether this relates to how employees are nurtured, ethical work or a strong environmental commitment. When Social Ambassadors share a vacancy to their network, a former colleague, friend or even an old classmate may be inspired to make an application because they have already seen previous positive content that has strengthened your employer brand. Having a sense of what your company is about will attract potential employees who are a good fit with your brand principles and have an idea of how they can contribute and the type of company culture they can expect to become part of.

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